4 01 2008

AKA  The Debacle That Was The Robin Hood Season Finale

Ok I know that it is really a show for kids.  And the important thing is the myth and legend stuff not the love triangle soap opera stuff.  BUT.  Why, BBC, did you kill off Marion?  What was point of sending the gang over to the Holy Land?  What did it achieve exactly??  ARGH so many questions.

This is what I would have written had I been in charge:

  • Marion offers herself to Guy if he kills the sheriff (who, incidentally, doesn’t need to be in Nottingham anymore apparently – so much for all that bruhahah when he went missing for a few hours the other week).  Instead of misplacing his balls, he actually goes through with it (which seems make much more sense, character-wise).
  • Marion then finds out that Robin is not dead but has already made her promise.  This can go two ways (both better that what actually happened): a) she stays with Guy and then we have a pissed-off Robin and a torn Marion and a happy Guy; or b) she reneigned on her promise to Guy (after he has killed the Sheriff) so we have a powerfull but super-pissed Guy, and a happy if a little in the dog-house Robin and Marion.
  • The King would have been a bit more effectual.
  • Carter would have joined the gang instead of being killed for no reason.

I do realise that a lot of people enjoy Robin for Keith Allen’s sheriff but I have started to get a but tired of the slashiness (it skeeves me out because, well, Keith Allen skeeves me out) and his one-liners are just a bit too hammy and not actually that funny anymore.

The series is returning for a third season but I really do not see how it will me.  Sure, we will have much guilt-ridden angst from Guy and vengeance-fuelled hatred from Robin but with no Marion, Djaq or Will, the remaining characters are going to have to really go some to fill those shoes.

Looking forward

17 11 2007

to watching:

  • Thursday’s Studio 60 on the sunset strip
  • Tonight’s Robin hood
  • Next Thursday’s Men in Tree (Lynn Douchbag notwithstanding)
  • Wednesday’s Ugly Betty (Posh Spice!!!)
  • The rest of Angel Season 5 (Illyria! Werewolf girl! More Spike! Spike and Angel in Italy!)
  • More Dawson’s Creek season 4 (despite the carcrash prom episode which is looming)
  • Bones (DB)

I heart Robin Hood

11 11 2007

That’s the TV show, not the man.  Although Jonas Armstrong has his rugged moments.  So does Guy of Gisbourne (more unnecessary shirtlessness tonight which Richard Armstrong must have asked for as a pay off for hitting the gym over the summer).  Anyhoo, oh my god last night’s episode was superb.  I am so pleased that the series has really picked up.  The sheriff was dastardly as usual.  Guy was more conflicted then ever between his life as the sheriff’s lacky and pursuer of Lady Marion’s affections (he would be more successful with this is he didn’t put her in shackles).  Robin went all Uma in Kill Bill only to find that his plans had been preempted and his multiple knifings were scuppered (pretty cool to see a darker side of Robin).  I already can’t wait for next week.  Off now to the BBC website to browse through the videos!

Ducking and diving

4 11 2007

Robin Hood was on stonking form last night.  These are the highlights:

  • Robin finally twigs that he had a traitor in his gang, causing uncertainty and tension in the outlaw camp.
  • Marion seems to be enjoying flirting with Guy just a little too much.
  • Little John is a kickass midwife.
  • Djaq has a soft spot for Allan a Dale (the traitorous dog) but I think Will is in there
  • Josie Lawrence guest starred as the fantastic Matilda, a wise healer accused of being a witch
  • Extensive use of the word ‘pork’ for humourous effect.

Find out more about this cracking show at Robin Hood 2006.

It’s burning a hole in my pocket

3 11 2007

So I have some spending money and I need to decide what I want to buy… as well as the usual girlie things (clothes/shoes/stuff for my mac – ok nerdy girlie things) there are a ton of boxsets I would like. So I need to decide which I REALLY want. The contenders are:

  • Angel Seasons 3 and 4
  • That 70s Show Seasons 1 – 8
  • Robin Hood Season 1
  • Lost Seasons 1 – 3
  • 24 Season 6
  • Bones Seasons 1-3
  • Dark Angel Season 1 and 2
  • Friends Seasons 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Men in Trees Season 1

I am sure there are more. Clearly, I cannot get all these. It would be obscene and I can’t afford it anyway. But how to choose? I may have to start with Angel because I bugs me not having the full set.

I am looking forward to a night in front of the TV with 100% of the control of the remote.  I intend to watch X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Robin Hood – the whole shebang.  I may even order pizza!

Back in the hood

24 10 2007

I am so pleased that Robin Hood is back on BBC.  Season 2 has started with great pace, great characters and already lots of action, romance, tension and all that jazz.  I am VERY glad that the sheriff’s sister did not survive – I am not sure I could have put up with the super-arch over-acting of the actress who played her (where on earth did they find her?).

Also, I hate to sound like a teenage fangirl (again) but I would not hate to see more of Sir Guy – his very impressive physique in Episode 3 piqued my interest (as well as Marion’s, dirty cow).

As I plan to participate in National Blog Posting Month with this blog (thus giving it the breath of life it so dearly needs), I will be posting more detail and pictures and all that good stuff about Robin Hood.

Round up

13 08 2007

Discovering and really liking:


Looking forward to watching every week:


Still watching avidly:


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Still not 100% sure about:


Persevering with even though it is past it’s best mainly because Tom Welling is hot:


Given up on:


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Looking forward to contining to watch for the gazillionth time:


Going to try to watch the whole series this time:


Waiting for the DVDs back before starting the whole series again:


Waiting for the DVDs to be returned so I can watch the good seasons again:


Trying find time to watch Season 5 again as I have the DVDs:


Planning to watch very soon:


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Wishing I had Seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7:


And finally, eagerly anticpating the return…: