Vaughn gets promoted, other stuff happens

14 01 2008


The episode starts with a LONG intro explaining the dealio. You know, Syd is a spy working for a bad, bad organisation but really working for the CIA where she has a hot handler and also works with her father who is also a double agent spy man. After the previouslies, we are back with Syd in Cairo where she has gun to her head and holding a little ball o’ Plutonium. So what does she do? She does what only she can – throw the ball in the air – FIGHT! – catch the ball -FIGHT!. This scene is intercut with a scene with Syd the Grad Student, making excuses for not handing in an assignment – “There was a black out where I was staying. Honestly.” Cue shot of her shooting out the lights in a corridor in Cairo to try to evade capture (I guess. I am not completely sure why that was necessary other than for the gag). I do like this whole ‘two lives collide’ thing they have going. Seeing the high octane action juxtaposed with the mundane is funny and surreal. Anyway the upshot is that she gets an extension to her essay. Oh and she manages to escape with the plutonium.

After the credits, Syd and Francie are talking at Syd’s place about (boring, cheater) Charlie and fathers. Syd is sad that things aren’t better with SpyDaddy. Deciding that she wants to know more about what is up with him, she goes to see him and being that they are both double agents, he isn’t that pleased to be having a conversation IN BROAD DAYLIGHT in the open about them being SPIES. Because it’s secret. She has been doing this shit for 7 years; she really ought to be a bit more stealthy.

SD-6. Sloane is giving the crew a 411 on Rambaldi – this is the first introduction of the spooky, dull and rather important to the whole Alias story 15th century prophet/scientist/headcase. He was inventing a mobile phone in 1400s. Apparently. ANYWAY. Essentially all we need to know is that they have part of a code written by Rambaldi but they need another part. They need to get a box with the code inside. The key to the box is in the possession of K-Directorate – especially Anna Espinosa played by an annoying Gina Torres. Everyone raves about her – and maybe when I get my act together an actually watch Firefly I will understand why – but her accent in this show gets on my nerves. So both SD-6 and K-Directorate will be after this box. Syd has to go to some place (I have already forgotten which country!) to a car museum where they are unveiling a new prototype. She will pose as a petrol-head (well something like that anyway) and sneak up and steal the box during the party. Cue scene with Syd writing the plan. Very simply. Because the CIA is stupid.

I have already changed my mind about Will since episode 1 – he really is cute as a button. CAAB Will is at Syds house talking to her about his writing assignment when Syd is phoned by her dead-fiance’s landlord asking her to pick up some of his things. While she is talking, a call for Joey’s Pizza comes in on her landline which Will takes – code for her to call even cuter as a button Vaughn. Syd asks Will to pick up Danny’s things while she goes for a ‘quick run’ (aka meeting with her handler).

Vaughn is stretching. MMMMMMM. He wants her to give the code to the CIA. He also asks her about Anna Espinosa who is apparently very scary and communist and shit. He is very yummy and concerned – my favourite Vaughn combo: “Be careful out there”. AW. He also tells her he has been replaced and she looks surprised and more than a little put out.

CIA offices. Vaughn is angry. Weiss is a bit worried about how angry he is. Weiss suggests that Vaughn is jealous that the new handler will get to see her all the time when we won’t. Vaughn protest too much that he isn’t. CUTE SCENE!!! “I know I’m off the case. And I want her to come back” Double AW.

Still at the CIA, her new handler is a sleazebag . “Look at her, wouldn’t kick that out of bed”. Vaughn looks like he wants to kick him. IN THE HEAD.

At the party, Syd is looking hawt in a red dress which is very sexy and flattering and I am digging her light red hair – very szuszi. I hate having to recap the action parts – all you need to know is that

  1. Anna has also shown up as expected as a waitress (no slink dress for HER)
  2. Whilst Syd is trying to get out of the vault, Dixon has to ram Anna’s support team’s van and he TURNS IT OVER! HA!
  3. Syd fights Anna for the box.. She has bare feet (having kicked off her high heels when running to catch Anna who go to the box first) and each time she kicks Anna, the sound is a lot harder and louder than you would expect for someone with nothing o their feet. Also it would really hurt, kicking someone in the head. Syd is NAILS.
  4. Syd (of course) manages to get the box, leaving Anna looking super-pissed.

Will is picking up Danny’s things and as he has a nosey around the dead man’s crib (good name for a band?), he notices a traffic camera outside his window and immediately starts super sleuthing, getting into hot water at work in the process. His editor: “Don’t make regret hiring people in their twenties”. Eventually he manages to get her to let him work on the case for one week. There is also a cute chat between CTAB and Syd on the phone. Syd sounds kinda comforted and very happy to hear from him which makes him even happier.

Syd is in a trailer/van/something small and dark with her sleazoid handler. He gets her dead fiancés name wrong. Because he’s a douche. Apparently, they are meeting to get to know each other or as he puts it to “have a little face time with my girl” EUW. More sleaziness. Syd is not at all impressed. She chews him out. Sleaze: “I just love your spirit”. Syd: “That’s heartening” (meaning, “you’re a douche”).

Will, Francie, Cheatin’ Charlie and Syd have dinner. There is some talk of naked cleaning. They are playing poker and Will is rubbish at bluffing. He is so cute – did I mention that already? Francie says to Syd “How come I can never tell with you”. Francie? It’s because she a SPY! Will gets a call from Pretty-Jenny-From-The-Office-Who-Clearly-Has-A-Crush-On-Will-But-He-Is-Too-Into-Sydney-To-Notice-Or-Care to say all the traffic cameras a mile around Danny’s apartment were out the night of his murder – UH OH! WEIRD! Will, honey? Please just leave it. You will only end up getting tortured-by-teeth-extraction and set up by the CIA as a druggie to save your life, thus getting you fired and discredited as a journalist. And you still won’t end up with the girl (although you will get to shag her in Season 3).

Cut to Syd and Will having ice cream in the kitchen. Sydney is in her cups and rambling on about tequila and ice-cream. Will: “My god is this story going to end”. HEE! Flirtatious teasing – my speciality! They share ice-cream. AND THEN THEY KISS. More accurately, she kisses him. And then it is awkward. They don’t say anything about it – she obviously feels guilty because it’s Too Soon. And he feels bad too, immediately telling her he has Danny’s stuff. He goes to get it before she can tell him it was a mistake because he so doesn’t want to hear that. Poor Will.

At SD-6, the box which Syd acquired cannot be opened. Sloane has brought in their best game theorist – Jack! He decided that rather than Syd infiltrating K-Directorate, he has made a deal with them. They have he box, K-Directorate have the key. They will go to somewhere neutral and open the box together. K-D don’t know that only part of the code is in the box so it doesn’t matter if they get it. Jack tells Syd that her mother died in the accident: “I never lied about that”. Erm, you did so!

Lambert tells Syd she has to wear a wire – very risky given the circumstances and she ain’t best pleased. She demands Vaughn be promoted so he can be her handler again and have him on the other end of the earpiece, or the CIA get nothing.

Will tells his editor about the strangeness of the camera: “Don’t make me regret working for people in their fifties [beat] forties!”

While Syd is getting to do her spystuff, Francie is bugging her with theories of cheatin’ Charlie. So boring. Francie is a whiney bitch sometimes. Just sayin’.

At a stadium covered by snipers from K D and SD6, Syd and Anner meet in the middle of the people. Vaughn is on the other end of the earpiece:

Sydney: My guardian angel
Vaughn: I was going to say the same thing to you. Thanks for the promotion.
Sydney: You’re welcome.

After a bit of trash talk (‘you’re fiancé is dead ha ha etc etc), Anna and Sydney open the box and acid starts to eat the paper with the code and SCENE!

Then came the rubber dress

12 01 2008

So it begins


running corridor running stairs guys chasing bullets lift intercom wig acrobatics gadgetry funkass dance beats sirens more running another corridor fight squealing tyres the eiffel tower

yowser that’s a good start to the episode!!!

Quick summary:

In this episode Syd goes on her first mission for SD-6 as a double agent. Will starts digging on Danny’s death and Syd tells him to back off. Jack starts working in the SD-6 office. Syd goes on a mission to find a nuclear bomb and manages to accidentally arm it. She goes to Marshall for help disarming it instead of the CIA and gets Vaughn into hot water. Considered too young and inexperienced to be her handler he is re-assigned as they realise how important Sydney is as an asset. She goes to Cairo to get back the nuclear bomb for the CIA but must take care for SD-6 not to find out. The episode ends on a cliff hanger as she recovers the nuclear core.

Some observations:

After the action-packed start we move straight onto my other favourite ingredient of this fantabulous show: Sydney and Vaughn. Interacting. This scene particular is so cute. Sydney is talking at 500 mils per hour giving Vaughn the low-down on all her contacts and missions for the baddies SD-6. He tries to get a work in and she is talking and talking. Finally he says “its not your job to give me the plan, I’m giving you the plan” ooooh snap!!! These two start this series as they mean to go on, snap, crackle and popping their way through missions and traumas. Also holster alert!!!

Now as I mentioned before I wasn’t around in the beginning .. I started watching this just as season 4 was starting but I understand that Will was much hated and a lot of fans didn’t like him. I don’t get it. He is cool, smart, cute and he asks questions that any rational normal person would ask – he’s not to know that he is inadvertently putting her life in danger. It also makes for an interesting clash of her very ordinary home-life and her very extraordinary work-life. I will always be a Sydney/Vaughn ‘shipper but that doesn’t mean I can’t like Will, OK?

Over at SD-6, Syd struts through the security check – all business heels and flicky hair. She bumps into Marshall, SD-6’s techie. Bumbling and rambling and so very cute and funny. And then Syd’s SD-6 partner Dixon: “We kill ourselves to do the right thing, meanwhile the bad people keep coming back.” It’s so sad that he thinks he is working for the good guys.

Still at SD-6, Sloane brings Sydney to a boardroom only for her to be confronted with her father. I love it when Jen and Victor (Jack) work together. Even this early on when they are new to each other. She asks him if he knew that SD-6 were going to kill Danny and ask she speaks she lets out the tiniest whimper. She is just awesome in this scene. I fear I am going to be saying that a lot.

We have the first of many scenes this season of Syd writing our her mission on a paper bag for the CIA. I cant watch these scenes without thinking of the spoof that was done. That spoof makes me practically wet myself every single time.

Then we have another cute scene between Syd and Vaughn, where they discuss her counter-mission. They are still warming up to each other. She doesn’t trust him. He tries to chit chat and she just wants to get down to business. NO! not like that (you have a filthy mind)… well not yet anyway.

Her first mission/counter-mission involves her wearing some dodgy blue rubber dress that looks totally impractical and not really that attractive. Maybe some guy out there can explain the appeal of this so-called sexy outfit because I don’t get it.

And finally:

Favourite Vaughn Moments:

  • Vaughn worries about her and Weiss reminds him his girlfriend’s name is Alice (HA!).
  • Vaughn convinces Devlin to give Sydney a chance and Weiss calls him Balls Of Steel
  • Vaughn and Syd fight after she goes to SD-6 for help with the nuclear bomb and he gets petulant “its reflected on both our permanent records, FYI”
  • And, of course, the holster scene at the beginning of the episode

Favourite Quote:

Don’t tell me to hold the phone I’m sitting on a ticking nuclear bomb!!!

Screencap of the day:

Furrowed brow? Check.
Sharp suit? Check.
Purty green eyes? Check.
General hotness? Check.


Pictures courtesy of Double Agent

Originally posted 12 October 2006

In the beginning, there was a red wig.

12 01 2008

In my quest to make Alias the biggest item on my tag cloud, being something eminently cooler than Dawson’s Creek, I am going to watch Alias start to finish and write about it here.  Episodes one and two have already been recapped a while back so I will re-post to bring us up to Episode three.

Truth be told


Over five seasons of hot spy action and hot spy lovin’, Alias was a masterclass of action TV. It had everything: intrigue; wigs; fighting; kissing; gadgets; humour; brilliant twists and plotlines (well, until JJ Abrams got bored and started working on Lost). I really, really love this show and having had my fill (for the time being at least) of Pacey and the gang, I thought the best cure for my DC addiction was some Alias.

So last night I sat and enjoyed the fantastic pilot episode. I actually think this pilot is the best for any show I have ever seen. Lost had a spectacular pilot and all but this one has so much heart as well as the wow factor. Plus superb costumes, excellent fight scenes, torture (Syd: “I’m your worst enemy Ive got nothing to lose” Suit and Glasses: “Thats not exactly true, you have teeth” (bleugh)), friendships, love, romance, a creepy boss (Sloane rocks, by the way). And for about 2 minutes, the hottest CIA agent you will ever see.

My first thought as the episode starts is how cute Jennifer Garner looks. She looks so young with her hair shoulder length. And Sydney, her character, is so innocent. She has no idea what is about to happen to her.


At one point, she is talking about her engagement to her best friend, Francie, and Francie says “You’re mum would be so happy for you” and I think, Oh god! She still thinks her mum is dead. And that her name is Laura. And that she is not an international terrorist badass. Poor Sydney!

And then they talk about her father (AW SPYDADDY!) and Syd totally dismisses him and I think, Syd! Your dad is the greatest!

Ah… she will learn…

Another scene I just love is when Danny calls Spydaddy (AKA Jack) to ask for his blessing and he is acerbic and sharp and utterly hilarious:

Jack: Danny, let me ask you a question.
Danny: Sure.
Jack: How well do you know my daughter?
Danny:Um, we’ve been dating for two years…
Jack: Because if you feel the need to ask me about this scenario, I have a sense you don’t know Sydney at all.
Danny: Sir, I love your daughter and I want to marry her. That’s why I’m calling.
Jack: First of all, Danny, the truth is this is just a courtesy call. Like when you say to your neighbor, “We’re having a loud party on Saturday night if that’s all right with you.” What you really mean is, “We’re having a loud party on Saturday night.”
Danny:Mr. Bristow–
Jack:Sydney doesn’t give a damn what my opinion is. What interests me is that you do.
Danny: It’s just a custom to call the father, that’s all this is–
Jack: Well, then, I’ll tell you what. I may become your father-in-law, that’s just fine. But I will not be used as part of a charming little anecdote you tell your friends at cocktail parties so they can see what a quaint, old-fashioned guy Danny really is. Are we clear?
Danny:Yes, sir…
Jack:Good. Then welcome to the family.

Totally class.

It also surprises me to remember how Will so was NOT hot at the beginning. I mean, he probably was but his hair completely did him no favours. It’s HUGE! And bleached. In the commentary, they say that they dyed Bradley Cooper’s hair so that the viewing audience (we are apparently not at all smart according to Bad Robot/ABC) would not be able to differentiate between him and Vaughn. So hang on, Sydney has a friend called Will. And then she meets a CIA agent called Michael Vaughn. No wait, I am confused. Who is who again??? Jeeeeez.

When I first watched this programme I was far too eager to see Vartan and pretty much ignored Will/BC but he actually is a really cool character. I don’t get how the fans hated him (which they apparently did for ages). In the scene where she tells him she is engaged he pulls this really sad but totally brilliant face which says “FUCK! That sucks ASS” but he actually manages a feeble “Wait a minute. You’re wearing a–you’re wearing a ring. I didn’t even see it. That’s… congratulations.” AWW. Will loves Sydney.

As the episode progresses, I find myself yelling at my TV screen things like “Oh Sydney, don’t tell Danny. You’re not in the CIA. It’s some freakass terrorist organisation posing as the CIA and by telling him, you have unwittingly just got him killed…”

On the first mission we see, Sydney looks gorge in her red sparkley dress and flicky hair and southern accent. But on her return, I have to endure the saddest scene of the season. I wish I could say the series but this is just the start of a whole slew of tragic events that will test our protagonist. When she finds Danny dead and bloody in the bath it is just heartbreaking. Jennifer Garner nailed this scene. It is so real.

One of the main reasons behind the success of this show is Jennifer. I think she really sold this character. Sydney has guts. She is brave but also vunerable. She is clever but not perfect. She is beautiful but she doesn’t seem to notice. So often girls are threatened by beautiful and accomplished women but for some reason, it is completely impossible not to love JG and Sydney. She’s a fantastic role model.

And then finally, there is Vaughn. And he walks into my life carrying a doughnut. What more can a girl ask for?

Originally posted 29th September 2006 


8 01 2008

Trailer for lost!

It’s almost here!

I’m still behind you, WGA

6 01 2008

Don’t get me wrong, the prospect of having to wait for Lost, 24, Bones, Rescue Me and all those other shows I love makes me a little lightheaded. But this video reminded me why this strike is so important. I hope they get what they want. And fast!

Keep track of the developments over at United Hollywood.

Christmas may be over

4 01 2008

but I just found this and wanting to share.  I am sad that Studio 60 is over and not coming back but was very satisfied with how it ended.  All neat like a pretty parcel.  This is my favourite carol played by “The city of New Orleans”.


4 01 2008

AKA  The Debacle That Was The Robin Hood Season Finale

Ok I know that it is really a show for kids.  And the important thing is the myth and legend stuff not the love triangle soap opera stuff.  BUT.  Why, BBC, did you kill off Marion?  What was point of sending the gang over to the Holy Land?  What did it achieve exactly??  ARGH so many questions.

This is what I would have written had I been in charge:

  • Marion offers herself to Guy if he kills the sheriff (who, incidentally, doesn’t need to be in Nottingham anymore apparently – so much for all that bruhahah when he went missing for a few hours the other week).  Instead of misplacing his balls, he actually goes through with it (which seems make much more sense, character-wise).
  • Marion then finds out that Robin is not dead but has already made her promise.  This can go two ways (both better that what actually happened): a) she stays with Guy and then we have a pissed-off Robin and a torn Marion and a happy Guy; or b) she reneigned on her promise to Guy (after he has killed the Sheriff) so we have a powerfull but super-pissed Guy, and a happy if a little in the dog-house Robin and Marion.
  • The King would have been a bit more effectual.
  • Carter would have joined the gang instead of being killed for no reason.

I do realise that a lot of people enjoy Robin for Keith Allen’s sheriff but I have started to get a but tired of the slashiness (it skeeves me out because, well, Keith Allen skeeves me out) and his one-liners are just a bit too hammy and not actually that funny anymore.

The series is returning for a third season but I really do not see how it will me.  Sure, we will have much guilt-ridden angst from Guy and vengeance-fuelled hatred from Robin but with no Marion, Djaq or Will, the remaining characters are going to have to really go some to fill those shoes.