21 reasons why going out is overrated

14 05 2008

So I think now most of the networks in America have announced their new fall line-up. You can see the full list over here. I have shown below the shows I actually watch/care about:



Pushing Daisies – superb! I love Anna Friel in this and her chemistry with Lee Pace is just lovely.
Desperate Housewives – cool!
Dirty Sexy Money – ACES!

Lost – of course.
Ugly Betty – still not seen the new season. Where has it gone, E4?
Scrubs (ooh moved from NBC) – Season 7 starts on Thursday! EEK!


Men in trees – was to be expected and frankly, I am not too disappointed. I am looking forward to watching the last of the last season when it finally shows over here but I think it had run its course.

October Road – again, not surprised but I am very disappointed. This show had loads more potential. Plus, I loved seeing Bryan Greenberg regularly.  According to IMDB and his blog, he is not going to be stuck for things to do though, which is cool.



NCIS – I am going to start watching the new series although, cute as Michael Weatherly is, his character, Tony, really got on my nerves. So did his girlfriend.


Moonlight – oh man. I liked this show. I am actually quite surprised – I thought the fans’ blood donation drive might have had an impact!



Chuck – Love this so, yay!
Heroes – still have to watch this from mid-season 1 onwards but glad it’s renewing. I just know I will love it when I finally get round to watching it.

The Office – do I need to say it? Oh ok. YAY!
ER – hanging on for the farewell season. I will be glad when it’s over because I have to watch it and sometimes it gets too much on a Thursday night!  


The Office [spinoff] – oooh, can’t wait to hear more news on this.
Kath & Kim – do not see how this will translate to the US. I know I said that for The Office, but it is even more specific, this time to Australian humour and context. I am prepared to see how it goes though…



Simpsons – of course
Family Guy – how superb that this show was cancelled, revived thanks to awesome DVD sales and now is being renewed again!
American Idol – of course
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Bones – superb!!!



Gossip Girl – Love it. Glad it’s coming back.

One Tree Hill – am eager to see the current season (yet to be shown here) – this is the ultimate in guilty pleasure TV – so stupid but fantastic at the same time.
Smallville – how is this show still going? It has gone so weird. I love me some Tom Welling and all, but come on… Maybe I ought to give it another try. I am not even sure it E4 are still airing it. All I see are ITV2 repeats from ages ago.

I am assuming the 24 is coming back since they have started making the new season that got ditched due to writers’ strike/Keifer’s ‘holiday’.  In any case, there is a buttload of TV to watch. 

Looking forward

17 11 2007

to watching:

  • Thursday’s Studio 60 on the sunset strip
  • Tonight’s Robin hood
  • Next Thursday’s Men in Tree (Lynn Douchbag notwithstanding)
  • Wednesday’s Ugly Betty (Posh Spice!!!)
  • The rest of Angel Season 5 (Illyria! Werewolf girl! More Spike! Spike and Angel in Italy!)
  • More Dawson’s Creek season 4 (despite the carcrash prom episode which is looming)
  • Bones (DB)

ABC are my friends again

10 09 2007

Considering they like almost wrecking shows I love (i.e. by killing sexy CIA agents only to panic and bring him back which was the right thing to do but honestly, how stupid are execs?) or cancelling shows that I have grown affection to, ABC still have some things going for them. Of course there is Lost (which really came back to life in Season 3) and Ugly Betty (which promises to be pretty cute and watchable into Season 2). And now I have just started watching Men in Trees. I have only seen the pilot which was on this evening , so I am well aware that it could still suck big time but I have to say, I am a sucker for fish-out-of-water shows that have a leaning towards the romantic. Rugged men from Alaska can’t hurt either.


If you haven’t seen this, the recap at Television Without Pity can do it more justice than I can be arsed to this late on a Sunday evening. Let’s just say that it is series-linked and ready to go for next Sunday. In fact, if todays episode was a repeat (which I have a suspicion it may have been) then I may even be watching episode 2 even sooner!

Ooh and Dexter was on tonight – looking forward to seeing that when we get the chance.  It is just getting better and better that show.

Round up

13 08 2007

Discovering and really liking:


Looking forward to watching every week:


Still watching avidly:


Still enjoying very much indeed even though it’s been cancelled:


Still not 100% sure about:


Persevering with even though it is past it’s best mainly because Tom Welling is hot:


Given up on:


Watching for the gagillionth time:


Looking forward to contining to watch for the gazillionth time:


Going to try to watch the whole series this time:


Waiting for the DVDs back before starting the whole series again:


Waiting for the DVDs to be returned so I can watch the good seasons again:


Trying find time to watch Season 5 again as I have the DVDs:


Planning to watch very soon:


created by The Countess at http://www.fireflyfans.net

Wishing I had Seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7:


And finally, eagerly anticpating the return…:





My eyes are still square, honest

23 10 2006

My recent lack of regular or substantial posting is not due to the fact that I have renounced TV and all it stands for.  I have been watching more than my fair share as usual but I have not been watching anything worth talking about.  I am not having the best time of it at the moment, so I am watching anything to take my mind off things and nothing that requires me to think too hard.  And if I have to post on here, then some thought about what I am watching is required.  To tide things over,  here are my impressions of my TV-watching week:

  • That 70s Show is still keeping me entertained.  Hyde is still pretty sexy and Eric is still cute.  Kelso is still dumb but entertaining and Fez the same.  Donna is pretty and kicks ass and Jackie is annoying but sweet too.  It is like friends only they are all younger, and you have fantastic clothes and music and references.  Plus they all smoke dope, which whilst I do not find it in itself to be particularly clever (Just Say No to drugs, kids), it is fugging hilarious when it’s done on primetime TV.  I am now picturing Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey sitting the The Circle getting stoned.  It would probably be called The One where They Get Stoned.  Or something.
  • I have finally finished watching Jane Eyre after getting confused with the BBCs scheduling and not realising I could have watched the final episode last week.  In any case, it was good.  Not great but good, and I still want to read the book as I am intrigued to know if Charlotte Bronte was as racy as it seems from the adaptation.  Jane Austen never has people kissing who aren’t married and yet Jane and Mr Rochester kiss.  A lot.  Not that I am a prude but I am just interested to see if times had really changed that much in 30-odd years.  Actually thinking about how things were in 1972, times probably had changed that much.
  • I have watched the first episode of Robin Hood which I thought was great fun.  The characters seem to be well-rounded (for example the comic foil, Much, was the archetypal side-kick but also showed a vunerable and emotional side when asked about the violent crusades from where he and Robin had just come.  Robin is quite charming and handsome enough to get away with it but not too much to be unbelievable in the role.  I still have a couple of episodes to catch up on and given the good start, I think I will persevere.
  • I tried to watch Firefly because it came from the great Joss Whedon but  just couldn’t get into it.  It doesn’t help that I can’t help thinking that the Sci-Fi Channel missed the very beginning of the first episode because when I tried to read the TWoP recaps, they didn’t seem to match what I had just watched.  We have borrowed the spin-off film Serenity so I will give that a go, and if I like it, maybe try the DVDs of Firefly.  I want to like this so much because anyone who can make Buffy and Angel, is a TV-genius. 
  • This season of Extras has now come to an end and it didn’t disappoint.  De Niro was good but the scene with the sexy pen was just priceless.  Stephen Merchant is just brilliant.  I read that the actress who plays Maggie, Ashley Jensen, has a part in Ugly Betty, a new show in the US.  The show sounds fab and I am hoping that her appearance will mean some interest over here so that they pick it up on one of our channels.  Jessica from TWoP (who recapped the final couple seasons of Dawson’s Creek) is recapping it so reading those would enhance my enjoyment I am sure. 

Another show I would like to see over here is Heroes.  The review of this show were mixed when it first came out but things seem to be improving and I am hearing more and more good things.  The fact that Erin is recapping also means I would like to watch/read – its just not the same reading the recaps if you haven’t seen it.  The laughing-through-the-nose-in-recognition is the main reason I read TWoP recaps.