Ice Ice Baby

25 08 2006

So I was on the train on my home the other day and I was reading the TWoP recaps for the episodes of DC that I had just watched and I lost it.  I completely lost it.  I was trying so hard not to guffaw out loud that I ended up crying and beetroot-red.  I actually did laugh openly at first and then realised I was so loud I was that I had to try to restrain myself.  This led to ten minutes of residual laughter – you know, when you still want to laugh and if you think about the thing that made you laugh, you start off again.  The thing that set me off was this:

I was reading the part of the recap that was talking about how Dawson felt responsible for his father’s death because he thought his dad was driving angry (and this is why he crashed) whereas in reality, he was singing along to a song, looking quite chipper, using his ice-cream cone to point out parts of the song, thus flicking ice-cream around his car and thus making it necessary for him to undo his seatbelt.  As I have been typing this, I have been laughing again.  I just tried to explain it to my colleague but apparently you had to be there.  Or more accurately, be me.  Because only I am finding this funny enough to laugh about everytime I get the mental image of Mitch singing along in the car with his ice-cream.  Oh no, I’m off again….

I heart YouTube

23 08 2006

Just found Mila’s and Vilmer’s punk’d clips on YouTube.  So funny.  “It’s a fake dog” – HA!!   I find it much funnier when they are friends of the Kutch.  Also?  Danny Masterson is not as sexy as Hyde.   In answer to my previous pondering on this subject.

Dear “Writers”

23 08 2006

I am enjoying Season 5 just fine as it goes.  However I have one MAJOR gripe about this season.  Have you forgotten that Joey and Pacey were an item?  I mean, not just an item, but in love.  And having sex.  And that they broke up and it was very upsetting for them both?  Because you have barely mentioned it at all.  All Joey (and everyone around Joey) can seem to talk about is Dawson and how they didn’t get together.  Other than one scene and a couple of ‘looks’, it has hardly even been acknowledged.  I am glad I know how things turn out because this is just not cool. 



10 things I love about Hyde

22 08 2006
  1. His sunglasses
  2. He is too cool for school
  3. He has cool t-shirts
  4. He fights The Man
  5. He emotes with his left eyebrow
  6. He is hot
  7. He has cool bracelets and other accessories
  8. He has cool boots
  9. He has nice arms
  10. His sideburns.  They are sexy.  Did I mention that already?

Another Monday, another season

22 08 2006

I am 8 episodes into Season 5 and I am enjoying this a lot more than I had dare to hope!  Even Dawson has had moments where he isn’t total jerk.  I am enjoying the fact that Jen and Dawson have just ‘done it’ (but do not appreciate the fact that there had to be Dawson- nakedness).  I am also enjoying ‘getting to know’ Audrey (YES, I know it’s a fictional character) – she is hilarious.  Pacey has his own thing going on, which whilst is a bit dull, means that he is at least still on the show.  I shall be thankful for that.  And its nice to see him away from the triangle drama.  Joey left Dawson a drunken message, which is always nightmare, and utters:

Drunk people should have the right to neutralise their own messages.

I whole-heartedly agree, Joey, but as I learned at 16 years old, this is not possible.  I am not a fan of Karen so I am hoping that this story will go away soon.  I am looking forward to seeing Audrey and Pacey fall for each other because whilst I am a resolute Jacey shipper (for want for a better, less juvenile phrase), until they are ready to reunite, I am happy to see what happens with A and P.

Sideburns are sexy

21 08 2006

I have this problem.  I see a TV show that I like.  It usually has a leading man that I grow fond of.  I then run to to see what else they have been in and then purchase DVDs of said actor’s films (or in Vartan‘s case, films and TV mini-series.  Because he’s worth it.  Because he is my favourite.).  For example just today, I received Shadows in the Sun with my current fake-beau, Josh Jackson.

Now my dilemma is this.  Take That 70s Show as a perfect example.  I like me a bit of Topher so have watched (repeatedly I might add) Win A Date with Tad Hamilton and have seen other bits and pieces of his.  However, as I mentioned before, I am growing increasingly attached to Mr Masterson but I am reluctant to purchase anything because what if I am only fond of his sideburns and other sexy 70s paraphenailia?  What if he is not so hot in real life / other films?  I think the only solution is to check our YouTube and Apple trailers to see if I can find any clips that will enlighten me.  I will keep you posted on this most important investigation.

Your order has been posted…

21 08 2006

5 beautiful words which mean that I can be watching Season 5 tomorrow night if I am lucky! 

ETA – its arrived…. and hubbie has overtime to do… I make that Dawson’s O’Clock… 

I have finished season 4 of Dawson’s Creek and it was predictably upsetting but I have to say that it was not as bad as I feared.  As I have previously menioned, the way things turned out was enough for me to boycott the entire series first time around.  However I hate to sound as if I think these characters are real people but Joey and Pacey so cannot be together right now – he needs to make something of himself so that he has some self-respect.  I could barely watch the prom break-up scene.  It’s just excrutiating and so badly written.  I was just as frustrated watching this inexplicable turn of events as I was the first time but at this time I had the comfort on knowing how things turned out in the long-run.  However the break-up itself wasn’t the problem for me – I think that the characters both needed to sort themselves out in order to be able to eventually live happily ever after with each other.  The problem was the crap reason that Pacey (well, the writers) gave. 

ETA: There is a kick-ass quote I want to use by Sars from TWoP which perfectly voices my frustrations but I have emailed to ask for permission – will post it if/when she replies. 

But the last few episodes of the season had a lot more going for them than I remembered.  So I am eager to start on unchartered waters… two new never before seen seasons…  it is wrong how much I am looking forward to this!