Ice Ice Baby

25 08 2006

So I was on the train on my home the other day and I was reading the TWoP recaps for the episodes of DC that I had just watched and I lost it.  I completely lost it.  I was trying so hard not to guffaw out loud that I ended up crying and beetroot-red.  I actually did laugh openly at first and then realised I was so loud I was that I had to try to restrain myself.  This led to ten minutes of residual laughter – you know, when you still want to laugh and if you think about the thing that made you laugh, you start off again.  The thing that set me off was this:

I was reading the part of the recap that was talking about how Dawson felt responsible for his father’s death because he thought his dad was driving angry (and this is why he crashed) whereas in reality, he was singing along to a song, looking quite chipper, using his ice-cream cone to point out parts of the song, thus flicking ice-cream around his car and thus making it necessary for him to undo his seatbelt.  As I have been typing this, I have been laughing again.  I just tried to explain it to my colleague but apparently you had to be there.  Or more accurately, be me.  Because only I am finding this funny enough to laugh about everytime I get the mental image of Mitch singing along in the car with his ice-cream.  Oh no, I’m off again….