teacher mother secret lover

I was having so much fun with my first blog, sharing my writing and other chit chat, that I was inspired to create another dedicated to my (not so) secret passion – television! I really am an addict which I should be ashamed of being the intelligent, successful and fulfuilled person that I am. But with all the cool stuff in my life, I still can’t shake that feeling of total involvement, of joy and pain and frustration, that only comes with a really good (and in some cases not so good – apparently I am not that fussy!) TV show. So here I plan to share that love and maybe this way, I wont seem so shallow here!

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16 08 2007

Ahh, the magnetic pull of the TV show. I too am an addict, leading a secret life of Buffy (I am just working my way through season 1 – again!), Bones, Firefly and more. My husband is tolerant, and I hope, faintly amused but basically completely baffled. Hope you don’t mind if I keep an eye on your musings here.

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