The Man Oscars

23 05 2008

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It has been sometime since I last considered my list. Since it is a popular hit on my blog (people would rather look at pictures of pretty men than read the crap I come out with apparently), I thought I would have another look. I am changing things up though and this time I am picking winners in five different categories. Oh and I will also mention the runners-up so you know how hard it was to make my choice! I have spent WAY too much time on this. Also, I found it really hard to find pics which truly showed off the awesomeness of the guys I chose. I like to think this is because I like them for their 3-D versions more than just their pretty looks. Or it could be because I am one plane ticket away from being a professional stalker.

Best on TV (past):
Michael Vartan as Agent Vaughn (Alias)

For all the wrinkle-brow concern.  For the shoot-em-beat-em holster-wearing goodness.  For coming back from the dead, simply because we demanded it.  And don’t even get me started on when he speaks his mother tongue.

Runners up:

Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin (Alias)
Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale (Dark Angel)
David Boreanaz as Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel)
Bryan Greenberg as Jake Jagielski (One Tree Hill)

Best on TV (present):
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert (The Office, An American Workplace)

Sure, he doesn’t have the Davidoff beach bod of Sawyer or the grufty ruggedness of Jack but the Lost boys lose out to John everytime.  We really mean it when we say sense of humour is important. 

Josh Holloway as Sawyer/James Ford (Lost)
Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard (Lost)
David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth (Bones)
Zachary Levi as Chuck (Chuck)

Best in Music:
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

No-one comes close in this category.  He is ultra-talented, the essence of cool and as I keep telling my husband, I just wish he were our friend.  His voice is yum.

Runners up:

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden / Audioslave)
Justin Timberlake

Best in Film:
Christian Bale

A shameful omission from my previous list and the only Brit in attendance, Christian is hot and deep.  Very talented and also plays a superhero.  I do have a thing for Superheroes.  Don’t tell the feminist inside me.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
Josh Lucas
Johnny Depp
Brandon Routh

And in the They Haven’t Made The Cut But They Are Really Rather Charming category:

Joshua Jackson
Matthew Settle
Lee Pace
James Denton
James Tupper
Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine!)
Tom Welling
Karl Urban
Ryan Egghold
Danny Masterson (in That 70s Show – it’s the sideburns!)

And finally, Best in real life (Lifetime Achievement Award):

Ricardo. No Runners- Up.

21 reasons why going out is overrated

14 05 2008

So I think now most of the networks in America have announced their new fall line-up. You can see the full list over here. I have shown below the shows I actually watch/care about:



Pushing Daisies – superb! I love Anna Friel in this and her chemistry with Lee Pace is just lovely.
Desperate Housewives – cool!
Dirty Sexy Money – ACES!

Lost – of course.
Ugly Betty – still not seen the new season. Where has it gone, E4?
Scrubs (ooh moved from NBC) – Season 7 starts on Thursday! EEK!


Men in trees – was to be expected and frankly, I am not too disappointed. I am looking forward to watching the last of the last season when it finally shows over here but I think it had run its course.

October Road – again, not surprised but I am very disappointed. This show had loads more potential. Plus, I loved seeing Bryan Greenberg regularly.  According to IMDB and his blog, he is not going to be stuck for things to do though, which is cool.



NCIS – I am going to start watching the new series although, cute as Michael Weatherly is, his character, Tony, really got on my nerves. So did his girlfriend.


Moonlight – oh man. I liked this show. I am actually quite surprised – I thought the fans’ blood donation drive might have had an impact!



Chuck – Love this so, yay!
Heroes – still have to watch this from mid-season 1 onwards but glad it’s renewing. I just know I will love it when I finally get round to watching it.

The Office – do I need to say it? Oh ok. YAY!
ER – hanging on for the farewell season. I will be glad when it’s over because I have to watch it and sometimes it gets too much on a Thursday night!  


The Office [spinoff] – oooh, can’t wait to hear more news on this.
Kath & Kim – do not see how this will translate to the US. I know I said that for The Office, but it is even more specific, this time to Australian humour and context. I am prepared to see how it goes though…



Simpsons – of course
Family Guy – how superb that this show was cancelled, revived thanks to awesome DVD sales and now is being renewed again!
American Idol – of course
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Bones – superb!!!



Gossip Girl – Love it. Glad it’s coming back.

One Tree Hill – am eager to see the current season (yet to be shown here) – this is the ultimate in guilty pleasure TV – so stupid but fantastic at the same time.
Smallville – how is this show still going? It has gone so weird. I love me some Tom Welling and all, but come on… Maybe I ought to give it another try. I am not even sure it E4 are still airing it. All I see are ITV2 repeats from ages ago.

I am assuming the 24 is coming back since they have started making the new season that got ditched due to writers’ strike/Keifer’s ‘holiday’.  In any case, there is a buttload of TV to watch. 

Curiouser and curiouser

12 05 2008

Now that I have had time to digest (I guess!) last night’s episode of Lost (Season 4 Episode 10 Something Nice Back Home), I have some thoughts to share. These will not be particularly insightful but there you go.

  • Sawyer did not get off the island – seemingly by choice
  • Jack and Kate totally hook up, get engaged and then it all starts to unravel due to either Jack’s paranoia or more likely, although less plausibly, some manevolent island-related force which is also making them see dead people. Or they are, as Hurley believes, dead themselves (I don’t buy it though).
  • Juliet realises she is onto a lost cause with Jack.
  • When Sawyer gets back to the beach, he is going to be shouting ‘I told you so’ to Kate
  • Kate still feels something for Sawyer by the time she leaves the island – i.e. her promise which is not explained but I suspect has something to do with Sawyer’s daughter, Clementine.
  • The first flash-forward we saw at the end of last season seems to occur after the scenes with Jack and Kate all loved up and smoochy and sexy and stuff. We are seeing the beginning of Jack’s downward spiral that leads to him listneing to Nirvana on the way to someone’s funeral.
  • Claire is maybe gone forever? Is this why Aaron left the island without her?
  • Does Future Jack know about his relationship to Claire? His outburst “You are not even related to him” (or similar) seems to suggest he does (with an unsopoken “but I am”).
  • Why did Charlie tell Hurley to tell Jack that he not raise Aaron?

This was a superb episode with some answers but a lot more questions. The Jate opening was very squee-worthy (I am sure a whole bunch of ‘shippers went into shock on see this). It feels like we are getting close to some answers but as we know there are still a couple more seasons I think we are going to have to be very patient to find out everything. Oh and, bonus points for figuring out the significance of this blog post title!


11 05 2008

Jack. Kate. Shower. Kissing. Future Sex. Mind. Blown!!! I am still watching this episode (Something Nice Back Home) so I have no idea of context but OMFG! Oh and beach-side appendectomy? Yuck.#


25 04 2008

Apparently, Lost was on last night in the US of A. Usually, we have to wait an extra 3 days to see it but for the rest of this season, we are going to be a week behind so we won’t get to see it (legitimately at least) until 10 days after the US. This means I have to avoid all kinds of sites that I normally enjoy reading until the end of the Lost season since this is the one of only two shows where I have managed to go unspoiled (well, shows that matter at least). The other is 24 and I managed to avoid spoilers because we get the episodes so soon after the US whereas most shows we watch are months after the initial airing and as such, bags of spoilers are on the internet. And I have zero will-power when it comes to not looking! So SHHH! Don’t tell me what’s happening!

Life without Lost

10 04 2008

As Lost is on haitus, I have had to find some new shows to enjoy. This is a quick run down of what I am into:

Gossip Girl

I was waiting for this to cross the pond and I am enjoying it so far. I love the glamour and the young people and New York so I am thinking I will be definitely watching this for the foeseeable future. I really hope Chuck gets beat up properly soon. He’s a douche.


I resisted this as I was not sure about the whole rip-off of Angel thing but, inevitably I suppose, it sucked me in and now I wish I had watched from the beginning! Vampires, sexual tension, steamy LA – what’s not to like?

The Office

As I mentioned in my last post, I have started watching this hilarious show on Paramount (having missed it the first time around) and I am hooked. It is the thing I am excited to get home to watch in the evening. We are at season 2 and the JAM tension is awesome and Michael is tragic yet painfully dumb. Dwight is just precious. Angela is anal and superb. Kevin is adorable. Jim is more adorable. Pam is cute. I love it. LOVE IT.

American Idol

So far, noone I love has gone. There are still people in it who are annoying as hell though (I am mainly talking to you Kristy Lee Cook although you are singing right now and I don’t hate it. Don’t like it, but don’t hate it.) I heart Jason Castro and Carly Smithson and Michael John with David Cook as my new favourite. I used to like Michael the best but David’s voice is just ace. Tonight he is singing like ass though. So he may have already gone home. I hope not. I refuse to look online and spoil it.


Is back tonight! EEK!

Desperate Housewives

This is pure fluff and I love it. It has silly stories but the women are likeable even when they are not liked and there is Mike.


First episode taped and not yet watched – seems like a Jake 2.0 (without the cute-as-hell Christoper Gorham). Expectations – reserved.

October Road

I know this looks like it is going to get canceled but I hope it isn’t – it’s warm, funny, charming, cute, emotional and set in a beautiful location.

Dirty Sexy Money

Love this show. Donald Sutherland is a god.


Kovac has gone – can I hang on to watch the last of the series? The jury is out on this.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This is getting mixed reviews but I like it. I am unhindered by being obsessed with the films (I like the third one for goodness sake!) so maybe that’s why. I love the fembot. I like John. I like Lena Heady as Sarah. It even has the cop brother from Rescue Me! Ooh when is that coming back I wonder…

Dark Angel

This is being repeated but I am really just whoozing through it. Logan is hot.

Home and Away

Watching it on YouTube as I have caught up to the Aussies. Sam is dead. Shh don’t tell anyone in the UK.

One Tree Hill

This is almost over (season 4 is being shown here) so I am not sure when Season 5 will be aired. I love this dramatic piece of teen nonsense. Looking forward to the fast forward – so glad they did not go the college route. This is much better and the actors can actually play characters closer to their real ages. If October Road is cancelled I wonder if Jake will return!?!?

Pushing Daisies

Premieres on Saturday night so will see how I like it.


Season 5 starts again in May. Tony has one more chance not to suck.

Phew. Good job Lost isn’t on really.

Lost dialogue

16 03 2008

Katie and I had just a short chat about Lost this week.  Whilst the new episode has aired in the US, we get it in about 3 hours here in the UK so until then, this is what we had to say:

Katie: 8:56pm Mar 10th
Hi Kat,

I promise I will not do this every time we see an episode, but…..

I can’t believe they teased us into thinking we would find out who the spy on the boat was and then didnt tell us! Also cannot believe Jack kissed Juliet, eww, its kinda like Rachel kissing Chandler instead of Ross in Friends.

Anyway determined not to make this a long one, but, a few points…

1) Juliet says that the immune system only turns on the foetus’s of those women who conceive on the island. So why did they feel the need to inject Claire with something when she conceived off the island?

2) Juliets lover said he got his wine from the submarine, did you notice that? Mmmm did they all have access to it, how often was it actually used so they could go elsewhere/home?

3) Juliet mentioned the children from Oceanic survivors. WHere are they keeping them??? Also Ben mentioned them being on THE list and that who are they to say who goes on the list? I assumed there was one list with all the surviviors on it but Ben is insinuating there is a list that is just made up of people that the island/Jacob want on it. After all the island seemed to kill off people it didnt like quite quickly i.e that young lad at the begininng (cant remember his name) that kind of had a relationship with his sister who Sayid went out with and Ecko.

What do you think?

Katie xxx

Me: 2:41pm Mar 12th
Hey! I really don’t mind! I like having these discussions with you! I have read in a few places that people think the spy on the boat will be Michael (not sure where Walt is meant to be though)… does this make sense to you?

Ok about your points:

1) I am a little hazy about the whole injections thing but did they wanted to experiment on her? Maybe that was a mistake? I don’t actually know!

2) I DID notice that. I am not sure that they all had access to it – he was obviously working with the chemicals and other technical stuff so maybe he had special priviledges.

3) I think there are some Others that are still about (hence the scary therapist who visted Juliet) and they will; have the kids – for what reason I am not sure. The list seems to be a list of people the island wants – Boone and Shannon werent on the list clearly!

The worst thing is that I really need to watch it all over from the beginning to remember all the bits about the tailfin (who else was there that survived and what happened to them – were they all killed by Ben when he gassed the Others’ camp?).

It’s hard to remember who is friend and who is foe (still can’t make out that Charlotte woman – she is a tricky one).


Until the next episode…