Truth be told

29 09 2006

Over five seasons of hot spy action and hot spy lovin’, Alias was a masterclass of action TV. It had everything: intrigue; wigs; fighting; kissing; gadgets; humour; brilliant twists and plotlines (well, until JJ Abrams got bored and started working on Lost). I really, really love this show and having had my fill (for the time being at least) of Pacey and the gang, I thought the best cure for my DC addiction was some Alias.

So last night I sat and enjoyed the fantastic pilot episode. I actually think this pilot is the best for any show I have ever seen. Lost had a spectacular pilot and all but this one has so much heart as well as the wow factor. Plus superb costumes, excellent fight scenes, torture (Syd: “I’m your worst enemy Ive got nothing to lose” Suit and Glasses: “Thats not exactly true, you have teeth” (bleugh)), friendships, love, romance, a creepy boss (Sloane rocks, by the way). And for about 2 minutes, the hottest CIA agent you will ever see.

My first thought as the episode starts is how cute Jennifer Garner looks. She looks so young with her hair shoulder length. And Sydney, her character, is so innocent. She has no idea what is about to happen to her.


At one point, she is talking about her engagement to her best friend, Francie, and Francie says “You’re mum would be so happy for you” and I think, Oh god! She still thinks her mum is dead. And that her name is Laura. And that she is not an international terrorist badass. Poor Sydney!

And then they talk about her father (AW SPYDADDY!) and Syd totally dismisses him and I think, Syd! Your dad is the greatest!

Ah… she will learn…

Another scene I just love is when Danny calls Spydaddy (AKA Jack) to ask for his blessing and he is acerbic and sharp and utterly hilarious:

Jack: Danny, let me ask you a question.
Danny: Sure.
Jack: How well do you know my daughter?
Danny:Um, we’ve been dating for two years…
Jack: Because if you feel the need to ask me about this scenario, I have a sense you don’t know Sydney at all.
Danny: Sir, I love your daughter and I want to marry her. That’s why I’m calling.
Jack: First of all, Danny, the truth is this is just a courtesy call. Like when you say to your neighbor, “We’re having a loud party on Saturday night if that’s all right with you.” What you really mean is, “We’re having a loud party on Saturday night.”
Danny:Mr. Bristow–
Jack:Sydney doesn’t give a damn what my opinion is. What interests me is that you do.
Danny: It’s just a custom to call the father, that’s all this is–
Jack: Well, then, I’ll tell you what. I may become your father-in-law, that’s just fine. But I will not be used as part of a charming little anecdote you tell your friends at cocktail parties so they can see what a quaint, old-fashioned guy Danny really is. Are we clear?
Danny:Yes, sir…
Jack:Good. Then welcome to the family.

Totally class.

It also surprises me to remember how Will so was NOT hot at the beginning. I mean, he probably was but his hair completely did him no favours. It’s HUGE! And bleached. In the commentary, they say that they dyed Bradley Cooper’s hair so that the viewing audience (we are apparently not at all smart according to Bad Robot/ABC) would not be able to differentiate between him and Vaughn. So hang on, Sydney has a friend called Will. And then she meets a CIA agent called Michael Vaughn. No wait, I am confused. Who is who again??? Jeeeeez.

When I first watched this programme I was far too eager to see Vartan and pretty much ignored Will/BC but he actually is a really cool character. I don’t get how the fans hated him (which they apparently did for ages). In the scene where she tells him she is engaged he pulls this really sad but totally brilliant face which says “FUCK! That sucks ASS” but he actually manages a feeble “Wait a minute. You’re wearing a–you’re wearing a ring. I didn’t even see it. That’s… congratulations.” AWW. Will loves Sydney.

As the episode progresses, I find myself yelling at my TV screen things like “Oh Sydney, don’t tell Danny. You’re not in the CIA. It’s some freakass terrorist organisation posing as the CIA and by telling him, you have unwittingly just got him killed…”

On the first mission we see, Sydney looks gorge in her red sparkley dress and flicky hair and southern accent. But on her return, I have to endure the saddest scene of the season. I wish I could say the series but this is just the start of a whole slew of tragic events that will test our protagonist. When she finds Danny dead and bloody in the bath it is just heartbreaking. Jennifer Garner nailed this scene. It is so real.

One of the main reasons behind the success of this show is Jennifer. I think she really sold this character. Sydney has guts. She is brave but also vunerable. She is clever but not perfect. She is beautiful but she doesn’t seem to notice. So often girls are threatened by beautiful and accomplished women but for some reason, it is completely impossible not to love JG and Sydney. She’s a fantastic role model.

And then finally, there is Vaughn. And he walks into my life carrying a doughnut. What more can a girl ask for?

Say goodnight, not goodbye

27 09 2006

I am watching the DC series finale and I actually think this will be it for now. I even have the first two DVDs in the Alias season 1 boxset ready waiting in the wings so I hope you are ready to go from verbose histrionic teenagers to kick-ass and sexy CIA superspies … because I finally think I am!

That’s not to say I wont cry again when I watch this finale. It’s so good! And sad. And happy. And there is a cute montage with a tearjerking song at the end.

Ok Jen has just collapsed to I need to concentrate !!

Shut up, Stupin

23 09 2006

For the first time, I listened to the DVD commentary on Coming Home (Episode 4.01 of DC). I thought that despite the poor show of DVD extras, I should at least make use of the scant extras what were provided and somehow ignore how very irritating Paul Stupin’s voice is. In fact, his voice is so irritating it has made me switch off other commentaries I had started for other episodes simply because I could not stomach them. Now I have listened to it through, I have come to the following conclusion. Paul Stupin is an ass. He is as irritating, if not more so, than his voice. He also is completely deluded. His most heinous misrepresentations of the season and the series as a whole were:

  • Josh Jackson’s new hair was a mistake. The shorn look is a vast improvement on the mahoosive hair thing that he has going on for some of the series so how Stupin can moan about letting JJ make the cut is beyond me. I just don’t understand how anyone can think it looks bad.
  • Season 4 is about Dawson and Joey – I don’t really see how this is. The season is about Joey and Pacey with Dawson’s naff romance with Gretchen most defintely in the background.
  • They handled the break-up between Pacey and Joey ‘sensitively’ and ‘realistically’. This is a crock of shit, I’m afraid. In fact, Stupin did himself no favours because whilst talking about this, he slipped by revealing how the split was something that the network had ordered so the writers had to shoe-horn it into the story and the only way they chose to do it was by re-writing the personalities of the character(s) involved. They had actually given themselves plenty of ways for Pacey to get sick of Joey by writing her to be such a complete bitch but they chose to ignore those reasons and plow in with some other shit. Anyway, I could talk all day about this….
  • AJ and Joey’s first scene was a ‘cute meet’. It was stupid. And made AJ look like a total jerk who we just don’t care about.
  • The ‘Perfect Storm’ episode (Two Gentlemen of Capeside) was cleverly made.  It looks ass.  I completely appreciate that they are on a very tight budget – so why bother?  At no time does the audience actually think that Pacey and Jen are going to drown so why contrive this dramatic storyline just so they can get Dawson and Pacey talking again.

Something I would love is to get hold of the pictures that Dawson took during the summer (and this season too actually) because there are some beautiful pictures of the cast.  I wonder if I could find them…

And what is wrong with this hair??!!  (I promise this is the last JJ picture for at least a week!).


The longest DVD

21 09 2006

I am still watching Season 3 of DC and last night, despite watching these episode several times (albeit not in full) now, it still got me when Pacey looks at Joey plaintively and utters “Its over isn’t it” and a big fat tear rolls down his cheek.  I was choked up.  Tears threaten to fall – AGAIN.  I am also newly flabbergasted at the following:

  • Dawson’s proprietory behaviour.  Erm, Dawson?  You do NOT own Joey.  She can do what she likes with who she likes. 
  • Andie who equates Pacey kissing Joey months after he and Andie have split up with her shagging Loony Mark whilst her and Pacey were still together…I just don’t get that.  At all.
  • Aunt Gwen and her meddlesome ways… she knows that Pacey and Joey like each other and yet she forcefully shoves a reunion with Joey under Dawson’s nose.  Like, none of your beeswax, bitch! 
  • The entire episode The Longest Day.  I cannot tell you how annoying I find how almost all of the characters behave in this episode.  Only Pacey seems to be reasonable and he ends up getting shafted. 

I can see me watching these through to the end of the series again which means nothing new to write about on here which sucks.  I will just have to make some insightful fresh comments or start watching something else to supplement my DC viewing!  I love this pic of the cast in the series finale:


The hubs has just bought the Band of Brothers DVDs and I started watching them with him.  Now I am all for a bit of wartime action but while I was watching, I could not escape the feeling that I was missing a perfect opportunity to watch more Dawson’s Creek.  Which made me feel hella shallow but hey… 

The new series of Extras started last week, which a hilarious performance by Orlando Bloom.  The next episode is on tonight, with David Bowie.  I have just downloaded the Ricky Gervais podcast which will be good viewing for my commute.

Here we go again…

18 09 2006

After my short break from the Creek, I was back again with a vengence this weekend.  I started back at the beginning only to discover that I actually really do only care about one storyline (and I think you know what is) so I basically watched selected Pacey scenes and the whole of Double Date in Season 1 and then selected scenes / episodes in Season 2 only to find myself back watching Season 3.  I am actually thinking that I will get bored of this soon.  Because surely there is only so many time I can watch it?  Isn’t there

I watched Cursed the other day which stars Josh Jackson.  It does not seem to be a favourite amongst his more hard-core fans but I thought it was hilarious.  I mean, ok, it is supposed to be a horror movie, not a comedy, but I thought it was great.  I must admit that without the added allure of JJ, it really would have been a bit pants.  But it was great seeing JJ get to be a total bad-ass.  He must have had a blast making it!  Oh but he did look fine, so it was not 90 minutes wasted.


Iron will

14 09 2006

I am so proud of myself!  I have managed to go for 2 whole days without Dawsons Creek.  TV watching in general has been kept to a minimum (strictly during tea-time only).

The fact that I have not started my OU assignment due in tomorrow is neither here nor there.  At least I can’t blame it on my beloved television.

Of course I can’t go completely cold turkey so I there has been *some* reading of fan forums.  And *some* reading of fanfics.  And *some* reading of recaps.  But still.  No actual Dawsons, on TV.  So I feel that in this case, the internet is my methodone.

Now I see it written down it doesn’t seem much of an achievement actually.  Oh well, who gives a crap?

My name is Dweeb and I am a DawsonsCreekaholic

12 09 2006

I have something to admit. I am having real trouble letting go of Dawson’s Creek. I think I might need therapy for it, or some shit. I keep watching all my favourite bits over and over. It’s just not healthy. When I wrote before about my normal TV-obsession-routine I forgot about the other part … I find fan sites and download every clip I can find and then watch them over and over (thank god for Mandy) and then I find a forum and post comments that are probably inane and dull but I don’t care because it feels good to be able to discuss my habit with like-minded people. And I trawl the net for gossip and pictures of the leading man in question (oh, Josh!).  An then there is fanfiction.  Another guilty pleasure.  I love reading this stuff.  However if I ever start to write it myself then I will know that all hope is lost.  Not because there is anything wrong with it … not at all.  But because I already struggle to fit everything I ought to be doing into a day without giving myself a new hobby as well!!!

Just typing “my normal TV-obsession-routine” makes me think that perhaps I have a problem. But so long as it’s not interfering with my life, or say, my Open University course… then that’s ok, right? Oh wait a second…