Round up

13 08 2007

Discovering and really liking:


Looking forward to watching every week:


Still watching avidly:


Still enjoying very much indeed even though it’s been cancelled:


Still not 100% sure about:


Persevering with even though it is past it’s best mainly because Tom Welling is hot:


Given up on:


Watching for the gagillionth time:


Looking forward to contining to watch for the gazillionth time:


Going to try to watch the whole series this time:


Waiting for the DVDs back before starting the whole series again:


Waiting for the DVDs to be returned so I can watch the good seasons again:


Trying find time to watch Season 5 again as I have the DVDs:


Planning to watch very soon:


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Wishing I had Seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7:


And finally, eagerly anticpating the return…:





Being sucked in

24 07 2007

I stumbled across an episode of Dawson’s Creek on Five US on Sunday when I was stuck inside on my own. Despite the fact that this was season 2 (and therefore Dawson and Joey are together which makes me want to vomit), I could feel the icy cold grasp of this show dragging me in. I am fighting the urge to watch it through from the beginning (again). I have Buffy in my DVD right now and was planning on starting that over from the first episode but I have been distracted by Pacey. I must be strong.

I caught up on some TV this evening: Dirt is still quite promising as a show that will never have me hooked but is diverting and entertaining. NCIS is in a similar vain but less shocking and more relaxing to watch.

I also watched the first episode of season 6 of Smallville which has finally come to E4. I have seen some episodes/parts of episodes on YouTube so I will definitely give this season a go despite me losing interest for season 5. I feel that it should be wrong to think that Tom Welling is hot…how old is that boy? (OK so he is older than my husband and only one year younger than me! In that case he definitely is hot!). I so have a super hero complex.


Fonejacker is a show I am loving right now – basically you have one guy who makes crank calls in all different characters and that coupled with the humorous images that go with the audio make for FUNNEEEE tv.  The character Terry Tibbs is my favourite:

I have finished Angel season 2 now and I really enjoyed it after all. I forgot quite how much happened in that season. Dark Angel (the moody man, not the kick ass show) was a bit of a bore but it did mean he boned Darla which was interesting (in that he kept his soul) if a little gross (in that it will produce Connor – the worst thing to happen to AtS).

I have not yet watched last night’s Dexter which I am really looking forward to along with catching up on Big Brother (although I am losing interest the longer that stupid cow Charley is in the house – I really cannot stand to watch her anymore). Tomorrow night will bring another episode of What About Brian (still digging this Thirtysomething for the Noughtys) and NCIS (season 4). There are just not enough hours in the day.

Oh and wish me luck with that Dawson’s thing… I must be strong. I must resist.

Weekend Tee Vee

16 07 2007

Big Brother‘s fake eviction on Friday was a big disappointment.  Charley was meant to be completely humiliated but instead, her ego was massaged and she was completely untouched by the attempt at a rude awkening to her abhorrent behaviour.

I am looking forward to her real eviction because she is not going to win.  That is 100% certain.

I have been watching the first few epidoses of Angel Season 2 following my recent purchase of the DVDs.  I forgot how much I really love this series.  Buffy will always be my favourite of the two (in fact, Buffy could be my favouite series full stop) but Angel is a worthy spin-off.  Season 2 is also the season I have seen the least so it is nice watching it not quite remembering what happens next.  Wes is really coming into his own, Cordelia is becoming a real champion in her own right and Angel is, of course, brooding and sexy and nobel and a little flawed and all that good stuff that makes him pretty cool.  Gunn is not my favourite character – I never really warmed to him even at the end but at least he has gotten over himslf even to be tolerable.

I am still digging:

What About Brian – a guilty pleasure
Dexter – it was cracking again last night – I am still very much a fan of this show albeit only two episodes in. 
– Season 6 has just started on E4 so we are watching that – it is weird that Turk is a dad and JD will be one but I still love the show.
My Name is Earl – We had stopped watching My Name is Earl but now the third season is back on E4, we watched a couple of episodes over the weekend – it makes perfect filler – light and funny with likeable characters.

Things ready to watch:

NCIS (episodes from Season 1 and 4)
Dirt – I have the first episode to watch and the second is tonight – not sure if I will like this or not.
The Simpsons – random episodes

We watched You, Me and Dupree which was enjoyable and funny.  And had Owen Wilson (although he is definitely not on my list – I made the right call there).  We also watched Aeon Flux which was much better than expected.  I had fairly low expectations since it did not get great reviews but I really liked it.  I am a bit of a sucker for a film that looks beautiful.  Plus I have pretty low standards when it comes to films.  I liked Doom.

Things I watched this weekend…

9 07 2007

Unusually for me, this weekend has been rather on the light side due to having actual things to do. I watched:

  • Big Brother on Friday (naturally) although my brother and I chatted through it so I watched it again with my husband on Saturday. Laura was evicted. I was glad.

  • Mean Girls. It was fetch.
  • NCIS. Mmmm Michael Weatherley.
  • Alias Season 3 Episodes 12, 13 and 14 (Crossings, After Six and Blowback). Heart rending and emotional, a bit silly at times and with an intensely irritating character (Lauren AKA Cowbag). God I love Alias.
  • British Grand Prix. I do NOT really like F1 and I did not watch the whole thing but I foundmyself strangely compelled to watch near-identical cars whizzing round a race track.
  • About 5 minutes of Urban Legend when I got back to the hotel from the Justin Timerblake concert last night. The five minutes was long enough to establish that a) they had killed off Josh Jackson and b) the film sucked ass (which I would have surmised anyway – see point a).

It actually looks like a lot of TV considering I have been pretty busy!

Big Brother update

5 07 2007

Ok so I didn’t watch last night so I am not totally apprised of the BB house situation but here is my rundown on the housemates:


Amanda: As one half of Samanda (AKA the twins), Amanda is sweet, funny, girlie, and I secretly hope playing a clever game.  Amanda is apparently the more dominant of the two.  Recently dealt with dressing as a hotdog with great aplomb.
Billi  EVICTED!!  Billi: I He was far too involved with his hair.  Which looks shit.  He also hated Charley which was most entertaining but he was a bit of a slimey toad.  Good riddance.

Brian Brian: He is brilliant.  An Essex boy and praaaaaad of it!  He seems to be genuinely a sweet guy.  I hope he really he isn’t as dumb as he makes out.  That would make me sad.

Carole  Carole: I really liked Carole to start with – as a political activist with a great sense of humour she promised to be an interesting housemate…  shame she has ended up doing all the housework in a strangely subservient role.  She has a propensity for moaning.

Chanelle Chanelle – sweet and pretty.  Perhaps not as interested in Ziggy as he is in her.  Seems to have Charley pegged.  Needs to not be so girlie all the time.  Up for eviction this week – I think the housemates are bored of the Chiggy couple thing and also she has been a bit moany about being ill.  I do like her though so I hope she stays.

Charley Charley: Hateful, obnoxious, vile human being who probably has a vunerable side with major self confidence issues but she is too horrible for me to care.  Her greatest skill is telling other people off for doing the exact thing that makes her to annoying.  The classic ‘turn a situation around’ thing is used in the house so much it makes my eyes want to bleed.

Emily BOOTED! Emily: Thrown out of the house for using the n word, she thinks she is a street-wise player.  In fat, she is an entitled, spoilt brat.  She thinks she is so much better than anyone else.  She also thinks that she has discovered indie music.  Silly bitch.

Gerry Gerry: Adorable, Greek and very intelligent.  He can throw the odd tantrum but on the whole, he’s a likeable man.

Jonathan  WALKED!!  Jonathan: A rich businessman who analyses his housemates, which is interesting and a good thing but comes across as a bit of a sleaze and openly talks about how much money he has.  British people hate that. He walked after learning his grandmother died – sad to see him go.
Laura Laura:  A favourite on entering the house, she has really gone down in my view.  Negative, bitchy and generally a pain in the arse.  Up for eviction this week – I hope she goes, poisonous cow.

Lesley WALKED!  Lesley: I loved Leslie before she walked.  Super intelligent and wise, she was an asset to the all-girl young house.  Superb sense of humour but unable to tolerate the conditions in the house.

Liam Liam: Heartbreaker in the making, Liam seems like a nice lad who knows how good looking he is.  Nikki already seems to have taken a shine but I think she has her work cut out for him.  Need to see more of him to make a proper assessment.  That was not meant to sound lascivious.  He has already won £100,000 and won the nation’s heart by syaing he will spent it on his family.  He is a bit of a tease – I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a loverat.

Nicky Nicky:  As one of the older girls (she is 28) she found herself in the position of matron, telling the girls not to eat all the food and generally coming across as a bit of a bore which I suspect is far from the truth.  She tries to resolve conflict without losing her temper but sometimes strays too far into passive aggressive land.  Now the new housemates have arrived, she seems to have chilled out.  Clearly took a shine to Liam but has already been pretty much rebuffed.   When she is having fun, a great housemate.  Otherwise, not much value.

Sam Sam: The weaker half of Samanda, she is also girlie, pink-loving and seemingly superficial.  Clearly has a brain and shows signs of being sensible beneath the eye-shadow.

Seány EVICTED!! Seany:  I thought he was going to be dreadful. He did not make a good first impression but has grown on me since.  I was surprised that he was nominated for eviction by his housemates (who were apparently sick of the pranks) and even more surprised when he was evicted.  He seemed genuinely distraught to leave.  Poor lamb.

Shabnam EVICTED! Shabnam: A desperate media whore wannabe.  Good riddance.

Tracey Tracey: A 38 year old ‘cheesy quaver’ (i.e. raver).  Works as a cleaner and thinks it is a noble job which I kinda admire.  Seems very zen and her catchphrase ‘deal with it’ shows her strength.  She seems the only housemate genuinely honoured to be picked to be in the house.  Everyone else seems to just accept they have been chosen.  Has the potential to be rude and boring, though.  Still on the fence about her, to be honest.

Ziggy Ziggy: Dealt with the all-girl situation admirably but is now showing signs of insecurity as all the lads fancy his girl.  This could get old very quickly.