True love

15 08 2006

So in less than one week I had watched the entire Season 3 which is pretty impressive considering I have a full time job and I spend 4.5 hours a day commuting.  Well, impressive if you are a telly addict like me.  And I did love Season 3 as I predicted.  I can’t list my favourite scenes because there were too many.  I would have to start listing episodes and that is just dull.  Even the episodes that sucked (The Longest Day) still had their moments.  I found it increasingly difficult not to throw objects at the TV when Dawson was on, especially once he found out about Joey and Pacey.  His overwhelming self-centredness just made me want to stick pins in my eyes.  That aside, I was grinning like a goon when Joey FINALLY came to her senses and went after Pacey.  AWWWW.

Now I have made a start on Season 4.  I have actually managed to watch 3 or 4 episodes without fast-forwarding which is pretty amazing.  I think it must be because I have only seen these episode once, the first time around when they aired originally.  Seasons 1-3 were repeated a lot. And I have to say that Season 4 is so far competing for my affections.  The only (major) problem with Season 4, and the reason I actually stopping watching the series altogether, is the crappy (if necessary) ending.  I will not think about Pacey acting like a tool for now.  I will NOT think about Joey and Dawson getting back together for now.  And when I do have to watch it, I will keep in mind that Joey and Pacey end up together so I will be able to power on through it.  More of that later…..

I have also been able to catch up on That 70s Show and Freddie.  Being incredibly hungover does wonders for your tv watching time!  There is not a fat lot to say about Freddie – it really is just fluff.  No substance.  Like candyfloss.  But I enjoy it nonetheless.  That 70s Show is hardly heavy going but this week were the epidoses where Eric disappears the night of his rehearsal dinner, leaving Donna high and dry.  So its compelling watching, if I am honest.  I am also developing a mild crush on Hyde.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe its the sideburns.