Lost dialogue

16 03 2008

Katie and I had just a short chat about Lost this week.  Whilst the new episode has aired in the US, we get it in about 3 hours here in the UK so until then, this is what we had to say:

Katie: 8:56pm Mar 10th
Hi Kat,

I promise I will not do this every time we see an episode, but…..

I can’t believe they teased us into thinking we would find out who the spy on the boat was and then didnt tell us! Also cannot believe Jack kissed Juliet, eww, its kinda like Rachel kissing Chandler instead of Ross in Friends.

Anyway determined not to make this a long one, but, a few points…

1) Juliet says that the immune system only turns on the foetus’s of those women who conceive on the island. So why did they feel the need to inject Claire with something when she conceived off the island?

2) Juliets lover said he got his wine from the submarine, did you notice that? Mmmm did they all have access to it, how often was it actually used so they could go elsewhere/home?

3) Juliet mentioned the children from Oceanic survivors. WHere are they keeping them??? Also Ben mentioned them being on THE list and that who are they to say who goes on the list? I assumed there was one list with all the surviviors on it but Ben is insinuating there is a list that is just made up of people that the island/Jacob want on it. After all the island seemed to kill off people it didnt like quite quickly i.e that young lad at the begininng (cant remember his name) that kind of had a relationship with his sister who Sayid went out with and Ecko.

What do you think?

Katie xxx

Me: 2:41pm Mar 12th
Hey! I really don’t mind! I like having these discussions with you! I have read in a few places that people think the spy on the boat will be Michael (not sure where Walt is meant to be though)… does this make sense to you?

Ok about your points:

1) I am a little hazy about the whole injections thing but did they wanted to experiment on her? Maybe that was a mistake? I don’t actually know!

2) I DID notice that. I am not sure that they all had access to it – he was obviously working with the chemicals and other technical stuff so maybe he had special priviledges.

3) I think there are some Others that are still about (hence the scary therapist who visted Juliet) and they will; have the kids – for what reason I am not sure. The list seems to be a list of people the island wants – Boone and Shannon werent on the list clearly!

The worst thing is that I really need to watch it all over from the beginning to remember all the bits about the tailfin (who else was there that survived and what happened to them – were they all killed by Ben when he gassed the Others’ camp?).

It’s hard to remember who is friend and who is foe (still can’t make out that Charlotte woman – she is a tricky one).


Until the next episode…

A conversation about Lost

7 03 2008

The following conversation has been going on between my friend Katie and me since we both watched the latest episode of Lost. Notice the confusion and general theorising. Notice the cursory checking that life and partners are good (bearing in mind we hardly ever get to see each other!).  Notice while Katie has great taste in doctors, she has rubbish tase in conmen. Notice how we both want to be Kate (and we both have the right name for it!).

Katie: 3:51pm Mar 2nd
Kat don’t read this until you have watched LOST tonight on Sky.
Ok, I am hoping now that you have seen Episode 5. Wow, what a mind blower! I wanted to run this past your superior brain interpretation powers.

Ok, so time goes quicker on the island right? And there is a time void somewhere between the island and the boat that Des seems to get stuck in? Penny is his constant and Des is Daniel’s, in order to ensure they dont die from time confusion (or whatever you wish to call it!) So we are assuming that Jack and Kate (not sure about Hurley) get off the island without any ill affects (like Sayid), and although they know it is risky to try and leave the island for some reason they want to go back and save the rest of their friends? Ben also is trying to help the rest of the Oceanic get off the island (John Lockes lot) as he is recruiting Sayid to work for him and fight against the ‘rescuers’ as I like to call them (Daniels lot) What the hell is going on, I am SO confused. What is your theory?xxx

Me: 11:45pm Mar 4th
Hee! Oh my god I just watched it and it was amazing…. I need to be more awake to theorise with you so I will reply again in the morning but in the meantime I LOVE LOST THIS SEASON IS SOOOO GOOD!!!

Me: 10:45am Mar 5th
Hey again! OKAY! So… this episode was absolutely superb. Time travel? Crazy shit, no? I agree that clearly time moves quicker on the island than elsewhere. There seems to be only one safe way from the island (on the bearing of 305 degrees – wasnt there something on Mr Eko’s stick about John 3:05?? I am going to look that up!) and if you stray from that, like the chopper did slightly in the storm, then there can be side effects. Desmond was affected because he was exposed to the hatch blowing up (muchos electromagnatism that ripped his clothes off!). I was so worried that it would be the end for him so was delighted he made contact with Penny and is back in the room.

So people who got off the island: 6 alive, 2 dead (as per Kate’s trial – however for some reason they are only telling the world that 8 survived the crash at all so there must be 6 survivors and 2 dead bodies that they couldnt shift otherwise they would have just said there were 6 survivors – why are they keeping the other survivors a secret?? to protect them?). Kate, Jack, Sayid, Aaron and Hurley are confirmed off the island. Who is the other one? And I am assuming that Claire is either dead on the island, dead off the island (one of the two bodies) or alive on the island and for some reason separated from Aaron (I think do not think this is likely though). Hurley s deffo off the island and in a mental hospital after his little car rampage after seeing dead Charlie (he did have mental health probs before the island though) – scary man came to see him pretending to be Oceanic’s lawyer offering to put him up in a nicer place (which is code for KIDNAPPING AND BEING EXPERIMENTED ON? TAKEN BACK TO ISLAND?? KILLED TO BE KEPT QUIET??).

The same scary guy was the one who recruited the researchers who are new to the island – all have their own speciality. Naomi was meant to look after them. Who did/do Naomi/scary man/researchers work for? Darma Initiative? I have not worked out if these guys are separate – I seem to remember thinking they have nothing to do with Darma or the Others (hence Ben not liking them). Ben’s insider on the boat – who is this? The same person who trashed the comms room I would have thought? How has he got an insider? How does he know EVERYHTING!? I love Ben, the crazy bastard.

Quick word about relationships: Kate and Sawyer -I am strictly on the fence about Kate and who she should be with – she has a lot of chemistry with Sawyer but he is ultimately not a good choice. Jack is clearly the one she really loves but things seems to be gettting in the way (not least her boffing Sawyer in the bear cage but hen again she was only human!). I think after last week, it is over for them – he called her on her fickleness and she established that is she WERE preggers, he would not be happy about it which seems to piss her off despite it being fairly rational since they are on an island which seems to kill mothers and babies who conceive/are conceived there. Sawyer is FINE though.

Does any of this make sense?

By the way , just looked it up: “Lift up your eyes and look north – John 3:05″ that was what was on Eko’s stick – seems to be a clue to how to safely leave the island, no?

This is where I found it: http://www.fistofblog.com/?p=6964

Interesting numbers stuff!

Final word on Locke – he is truly a mentalist now. Convinced that they need to stay on the island, I wonder how Hurley, Clarie/Aaron end up with Jack, Sayid, Kate and A Nother to leave? What is going to happen to Sawyer? I have always thought that they would keep Kate, Jack and Sawyer safe since they are the centre of things really (well, and Locke too). I think they will be wary of killing off any of these before the series finale (at which point all bets are off) – I am not sure if you know about JJ Abram’s/ABC’s series Alias – they killed off one the favourite characters early in the final season and the fans went APESHIT and they had to write him back in and pretend they had faked his death – hopefully they wont underestimate the power of the uber-fan.

Anyhoo enough from me – tell me more about what you think…..

ps hope you are well!

Katie: 2:11pm Mar 5th
LOL sorry I am still laughing at you saying you love Ben the crazy bastard. How true! I think he travels on and off the island because do you remember the pic they found of him? It looked as if he was in an airport somewhere and was about the same age as he is now. I think this may be linked somehow to him having alot of passports? God there is SO much to LOST, it’s fuc*ing great. Anyway, I digrese. So, yes I agree about Kate & Jack and that it’s def off with Sawyer, yuck ugly Sawyer. I’m such a sucker for kind, good looking doctors, isn’t everyone? Perhaps not, Sawyer is a bit of rough 🙂

So, back to the time travel. Don’t you think it’s weird that Daniel doesn’t appear to recognise Desmond when he arrives on the island, seeing as he saw him in 1996? Is there something wrong with Daniel, does he have ammnesia? I think I have missed details about him.

Ok, I think they are keeping the other survivors a secret because the survivors don’t want people in the outside world to know, especially if one of them is Locke, as he def wants to stay there. Claire is def dead as Kate was allowed to legally adopt (assumption) Aaron as her own, unsure who the other one is. The ‘resucers’ def are not part of Dharma intiative and are not linked to Ben. Ben helps the Oceanic lot to get their friends back (who are left on the island) and I think he is recruiting Sayid to kill off people who are either the rescuers themselves or helpers of them??Argh, dont know.

I dont see Locke as totally crazy. He has heard alot from the talking smoke (now I sound crazy!) and got the use of his legs back after landing on the island. Whatever the magic/Jacob side is to the island it has done nothing but favours to Locke. Why would Ben also not want people to know about the island so badly if it didnt hold great power? Although I think there is alot more to Ben than that, after all he did kill off the intial Darma initiative people. WHY? Was it becasue they worked out the islands power and wanted to report it back to the real world?

BTW that is terrible about Alias, if they do that in LOST I don’t think I will ever forgive them. I hate seeing any of the cast being interviewed as I think ‘you are not actors you are the people in LOST!’ How amusing, I am so hooked, haven’t seen anything that has got me so engrossed in years!

One more bit. They weren’t keen to have Walt around due to his own powers. Where did he and Michael go? We assume they got off the island and went home, but I’m not so sure. Walt keeps appearing to people as well. Plus all the Ocieanic lot were connected in someway before they got there. There is some kind of fate to the island. Is it in the future/can predict the future? All very strange….

Email back when you can. We are both fine, is all ok with you both?

Love Katie xxx

Me: 11:56pm Mar 5th
Hey! Re Daniel – yes I think he may have amnesia (the card memory game thing – was that to do with his memory, time travel or both?).

Re John – I think he is getting a bit extreme (ermm take the grenade out of the nice ghost whispers mouth now John). I want to see more of Jacob and I love that John is so connected to the island. I dont want them to leave!!

Re Walt – he is one freaky kid. He reappeared and then disappeared again. I want to know what he is all about- and where they are. They did not get off (or far from) the island – that is for damn sure!

Re Sawyer – yucky? no. Sexy as hell? yes. Better than Jack? HELLS no. What is going on with Juliet and Jack? Is this really anything? Or will Kate get in the way now? I hope so – I dont mind her but she needs to take her hands off our man!!

This show is seriously EFFED up. I love it!!!

ps do you mind me posting this conversation my TV blog. Dont think anyone really reads it (I get ZERO comments) but it would make me laugh to read it in a few months time?? If you dont wanna just say, I wont mind!!!

pps who would you like to see the next character-centric show about? I think its time we saw more about Ben

Katie: Today at 1:23pm
WHHHATTT Sawyer sexy, eh? Jack is a fox ggrrr, hence his real surname. Anywhoo I hate Juliet she’s creepy, cold and willing to give so little away. Kate (me) and Jack forever he he. Oh yeah! Forgot about the card game, ok that explains why he forgot about Des being his constant and probs why he had to write it down. And I forgot about John and the grenade, ha ha ha and he killed Naomi, didnt he? I think he threw the knife? Anwyay there must be a very good reason why and I agree he’s gotta stay on the island.

So wanna know more about Walt, Jacob, the talking smoke, why they all partly knew each other before and why Locke was being told about the future by the talking smoke. Also, don’t you think there is a bit of a bible connection here? Not just what Eko (sorry just spelt it like ‘Echo’ our local newspaper and it made me laugh) was talking about with his bible stuff but also people’s names i.e – Jacob. Also the fact that in theory they all should have died in the plane crash. The island has some kind of religous link perhaps? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Course I dont mind, post away. People can laugh at our theories 🙂

Me: Today at 3.37pm
Oh my god do you not have eyes woman?? ANYWAY. Yeah John did kill Naomi and is generally a little bit crazy but still love him. That bit last season when we saw how he lost the use of his legs with his dad charging him out of the window? OH MY GOD. Rich and I both screamed at that!!!

Yeah there seems to be a lot of Christan references (and Darma is a Hindu reference) so religion seems to be an important part of the myth. So can I just clarify for certain – Kate is deffos not pregnant? Did she have a baby and name it Aaron coz he died (although he was blond and the right age to be the real Aaron). Just throwing that out there.


So there you have it! Nice to know I am not alone with my obsession!

When I am not watching Alias, Buffy or Dawson’s Creek…

3 03 2008

I have been watching A LOT of TV:

We are watching Dexter Season 2 at the moment and I am still gripped each episode. This show is so different to other things on with such interesting and intriguing characters, we can’t get enough.

I am hopelessly addicted to One Tree Hill. I managed to avoid it for so long but I have started watching it sporadically round about the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 and now it is series linked in Sky + both for the daily season 2 repeats (I have already got through season 1) and the weekly season 4. I love seeing Wilmington on TV having visited there briefly (it’s also Capeside!). I even dreamed about Chad Michael Murray which is very disturbing as I really don’t think he is all that. Anyway, I have yet to be compelled to own this on DVD so let’s hope this is just a phase. I fear it is not.

I watched Desperate Housewives avidly when it first started but dropped it for a season or so. I have now been drawn back into it with the daily repeats (this is what getting sick will do for you!) so I have been watching the second half of season 3 and have already diarised the start of season 4 later this month. I am hopeless.

I am also horrendously addicted to Home and Away but on YouTube so I am watching the episodes shortly after they air in Aus. I was rather thrilled to see that the guy who used to play Drazic in Heartbreak High was returning to H+A (I had missed his first turn). It is really a shame to see his scars (he was in a serious car crash) but he is ultra menacing as bad-guy Jonny.

American Idol is back and I am enjoying it as ever. It always takes me a while to decide on my favourites and I don’t like getting too attached before the Top 12 stage but so far this season has been pretty good with some strong girls (e.g. the Irish one) and some hot men ( e.g. the Aussie one).

Lost is back with a vengeance and I am LOVING season 4. I have not seen last week’s episode yet (but I will tomorrow so SHHH) but I really enjoyed the Kate-centric episode last week. Skate AND Jate action for those of the Lost community that have such leanings. Personally, I hope she never chooses!!

We have just started watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and whilst I fear it is a bit ridiculous, I LOVE IT! Sexy teenage fembot? CHECK! Cool kid playing John Connor? CHECK! Hard-ass Sarah Connor? CHECK!!

We are enjoying the US series of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Watching Ramsey chew out stupid restaurateurs is class.

We also like the odd episode of Grand Designs. Some of the things that get built are Ker-AY-zee. Also, I do wish people who insist on building these ambitious projects could look up the phrase ‘contingency fund’. Sheesh.

However there are plenty of shows I am still waiting to watch:

Men in Trees is now over til the summer – hopefully it will be back with Jack not dead. If he dies, I will probably stop watching. Maybe.

Bones – hopefully season 3 will start up again in April.

24 – not going be back til 2009 – how will I cope with the Bauer until then?

Firefly – I have it on DVD but still haven’t watched passed the first couple of episodes. I fully intend to start watching this again soon.

Heroes – After aborting the first attempt to watch this (I had too much TV on my plate), I now want to start over again and watch it with Ricardo. It is downloaded so we just need to find the time.

Rescue Me – we caught up with this hard-hitting and near-to–the-knuckle series and now await Season 5.