Christmas may be over

4 01 2008

but I just found this and wanting to share.  I am sad that Studio 60 is over and not coming back but was very satisfied with how it ended.  All neat like a pretty parcel.  This is my favourite carol played by “The city of New Orleans”.

Looking forward

17 11 2007

to watching:

  • Thursday’s Studio 60 on the sunset strip
  • Tonight’s Robin hood
  • Next Thursday’s Men in Tree (Lynn Douchbag notwithstanding)
  • Wednesday’s Ugly Betty (Posh Spice!!!)
  • The rest of Angel Season 5 (Illyria! Werewolf girl! More Spike! Spike and Angel in Italy!)
  • More Dawson’s Creek season 4 (despite the carcrash prom episode which is looming)
  • Bones (DB)

Harriet 4 Matt

9 11 2007

Studio 60 is coming to the end of the season (series?) and Luke Scott has shown what an a-hole he is so I am hoping that Harriet realises that Matt may be a bit of a loser at times but is on the whole a total sweetheart.

Jordan and Danny are currently my favourite TV couple – SO CUTE!!!

Simon, Tom and Cal make me laugh.  Hard.

I do not want to know that this show has been cancelled even though I am pretty sure that it has been.