When I am not watching Alias, Buffy or Dawson’s Creek…

3 03 2008

I have been watching A LOT of TV:

We are watching Dexter Season 2 at the moment and I am still gripped each episode. This show is so different to other things on with such interesting and intriguing characters, we can’t get enough.

I am hopelessly addicted to One Tree Hill. I managed to avoid it for so long but I have started watching it sporadically round about the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 and now it is series linked in Sky + both for the daily season 2 repeats (I have already got through season 1) and the weekly season 4. I love seeing Wilmington on TV having visited there briefly (it’s also Capeside!). I even dreamed about Chad Michael Murray which is very disturbing as I really don’t think he is all that. Anyway, I have yet to be compelled to own this on DVD so let’s hope this is just a phase. I fear it is not.

I watched Desperate Housewives avidly when it first started but dropped it for a season or so. I have now been drawn back into it with the daily repeats (this is what getting sick will do for you!) so I have been watching the second half of season 3 and have already diarised the start of season 4 later this month. I am hopeless.

I am also horrendously addicted to Home and Away but on YouTube so I am watching the episodes shortly after they air in Aus. I was rather thrilled to see that the guy who used to play Drazic in Heartbreak High was returning to H+A (I had missed his first turn). It is really a shame to see his scars (he was in a serious car crash) but he is ultra menacing as bad-guy Jonny.

American Idol is back and I am enjoying it as ever. It always takes me a while to decide on my favourites and I don’t like getting too attached before the Top 12 stage but so far this season has been pretty good with some strong girls (e.g. the Irish one) and some hot men ( e.g. the Aussie one).

Lost is back with a vengeance and I am LOVING season 4. I have not seen last week’s episode yet (but I will tomorrow so SHHH) but I really enjoyed the Kate-centric episode last week. Skate AND Jate action for those of the Lost community that have such leanings. Personally, I hope she never chooses!!

We have just started watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and whilst I fear it is a bit ridiculous, I LOVE IT! Sexy teenage fembot? CHECK! Cool kid playing John Connor? CHECK! Hard-ass Sarah Connor? CHECK!!

We are enjoying the US series of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Watching Ramsey chew out stupid restaurateurs is class.

We also like the odd episode of Grand Designs. Some of the things that get built are Ker-AY-zee. Also, I do wish people who insist on building these ambitious projects could look up the phrase ‘contingency fund’. Sheesh.

However there are plenty of shows I am still waiting to watch:

Men in Trees is now over til the summer – hopefully it will be back with Jack not dead. If he dies, I will probably stop watching. Maybe.

Bones – hopefully season 3 will start up again in April.

24 – not going be back til 2009 – how will I cope with the Bauer until then?

Firefly – I have it on DVD but still haven’t watched passed the first couple of episodes. I fully intend to start watching this again soon.

Heroes – After aborting the first attempt to watch this (I had too much TV on my plate), I now want to start over again and watch it with Ricardo. It is downloaded so we just need to find the time.

Rescue Me – we caught up with this hard-hitting and near-to–the-knuckle series and now await Season 5.

You know we belong together…

10 09 2007

Australian soaps formed part of my entire childhood, early adulthood and university existence.  Neighbours and Home and Away in particular were daily glimpse of sun, romance, comedy and silliness.  On my list of ‘top 10 things I hate about working’ is that watching these shows was no longer possible.  That was until I remembered Sky +.  I watched one episode of Home and Away during my recent month off from working and I was re-hooked.  I had to call my mum (who still watched both shows) to understand the various plot / character intricasies (I needed answers to such questions as “if A and B are in love why are A and C married and why do C and D have a very new child together”).  I have been particularly following the Rachel/Hugh storyline although I am already getting the feeling that Hugh will be leaving imminently and thus proving that these shows are totally unrealistic and do things that drive the viewers crazy.  Hugh is yummmmmmmy and therefore doomed to leave.

I have managed to steer clear of Neighbours so far (although I did see that Paul Robinson is back – crazy!).

Other Australian/New Zealand shows I have known and loved:

  • Blue Heelers (so many sexy cops!)
  • Flying Doctors (charlie victor victor)
  • Shortland Street (that guy ended up in loads of big films including Star Wars as a clone – bizarre!)
  • The Secret Life of Us
  • Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (oh Guy Pearce, Josh Lucas, need  go on..?)
  • Heartbreak High (I recently learned that the guy that played Drazic who aside from being very cute was involved in a near-fatal car accident and was left partially blind.  He was in Home and Away earlier this year.)

I must have missed some.