Jack needs to get his act together

22 11 2007

Men in Trees made me cry tonight which is feebleminded and rubbish but there it is.  Marin looks so vulnerable in her heidi hat.  Jack was crap.  Lynn was a douche.  At least Patrick finally got it together so there was some light in the Darkest Day.  Why is love so hard?  And why do I care so much about what happens to some TV characters?  The truth is I don’t really care about them because I know that it is not real.  But that doesn’t stop me hurting when people hurt.  And remembering what it is like to hurt like that.   Not even That 70s Show could get me out of this funk.

A punch in the Henk

21 11 2007

Home and Away has got pretty good whilst retaining that irritating edge – Sally and Brad’s wedding is not getting off to the best start although I respect Brad about 200% more since he kicked the shit out of Henk the Rapist.  Cassie is too orange, skinny and whiny.  Henk is too ugly and creepy.  Jack needs to ditch Sam who just gets on my nerves for no reason other than she is clearly just a Device and I hate Devices.  Plus her son can’t act.  Home and Away – Aussie gold.

I wanna grow old with you

20 11 2007

I am watching The Wedding Singer. It is awesome.

152 insights into my soul

19 11 2007

I just watched You Got Mail. It is a shameful thing to admit but there is something about that Meg and Tom combo that just slays me. They are so deliciously cute and good and wholesome with just enough zing to make it interesting. There is something about watching this movie that is so healing and life affirming it makes me completely happy. I am still smiling. I just love Tom Hanks doing his goofy thing and Meg Ryan is so delightful on screen, even if she is an awkward mare off screen. The ending is just perfect: “I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” with Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the background. Sigh.

How have I not got Sleepless in Seattle in my collection?

The Griffins at the Emmys

18 11 2007

I realise this is hardly current but this made me chortle today:

Looking forward

17 11 2007

to watching:

  • Thursday’s Studio 60 on the sunset strip
  • Tonight’s Robin hood
  • Next Thursday’s Men in Tree (Lynn Douchbag notwithstanding)
  • Wednesday’s Ugly Betty (Posh Spice!!!)
  • The rest of Angel Season 5 (Illyria! Werewolf girl! More Spike! Spike and Angel in Italy!)
  • More Dawson’s Creek season 4 (despite the carcrash prom episode which is looming)
  • Bones (DB)

Children in Need

16 11 2007

This year’s Children in Need is dredging up some decade-old treasures:  Boyzone, Spice Girls, Westlife… need I go on?  However despite this, the show is good fun (who doesn’t like watching newsreaders make a tit of themselves?) and it’s an excellent cause.  If you haven’t donated yet, go and do it now!