Say goodnight, not goodbye

27 09 2006

I am watching the DC series finale and I actually think this will be it for now. I even have the first two DVDs in the Alias season 1 boxset ready waiting in the wings so I hope you are ready to go from verbose histrionic teenagers to kick-ass and sexy CIA superspies … because I finally think I am!

That’s not to say I wont cry again when I watch this finale. It’s so good! And sad. And happy. And there is a cute montage with a tearjerking song at the end.

Ok Jen has just collapsed to I need to concentrate !!

The longest DVD

21 09 2006

I am still watching Season 3 of DC and last night, despite watching these episode several times (albeit not in full) now, it still got me when Pacey looks at Joey plaintively and utters “Its over isn’t it” and a big fat tear rolls down his cheek.  I was choked up.  Tears threaten to fall – AGAIN.  I am also newly flabbergasted at the following:

  • Dawson’s proprietory behaviour.  Erm, Dawson?  You do NOT own Joey.  She can do what she likes with who she likes. 
  • Andie who equates Pacey kissing Joey months after he and Andie have split up with her shagging Loony Mark whilst her and Pacey were still together…I just don’t get that.  At all.
  • Aunt Gwen and her meddlesome ways… she knows that Pacey and Joey like each other and yet she forcefully shoves a reunion with Joey under Dawson’s nose.  Like, none of your beeswax, bitch! 
  • The entire episode The Longest Day.  I cannot tell you how annoying I find how almost all of the characters behave in this episode.  Only Pacey seems to be reasonable and he ends up getting shafted. 

I can see me watching these through to the end of the series again which means nothing new to write about on here which sucks.  I will just have to make some insightful fresh comments or start watching something else to supplement my DC viewing!  I love this pic of the cast in the series finale:


The hubs has just bought the Band of Brothers DVDs and I started watching them with him.  Now I am all for a bit of wartime action but while I was watching, I could not escape the feeling that I was missing a perfect opportunity to watch more Dawson’s Creek.  Which made me feel hella shallow but hey… 

The new series of Extras started last week, which a hilarious performance by Orlando Bloom.  The next episode is on tonight, with David Bowie.  I have just downloaded the Ricky Gervais podcast which will be good viewing for my commute.

All good things must come to an end

9 09 2006

Well I wasn’t wrong – there were tears a-plenty in the series finale, both on-screen and off. I actually felt emotionally drained at the end. Jen’s death was handled so well and I loved her character so much, it made it that much more difficult and emotional to watch. And I cannot express how grateful I am that Joey and Pacey end up together – their relationship was the only one with real chemistry and was always totally believable (well at least believable when they were together – it was a total stretch each time the writers crudely contrived to split them up).

So that’s it. All six seasons done and dusted. All that’s left is to catch up on the TWoP recaps (because no matter how sad things got on the show, those damn recaps still have me snorting drink out of my nose or giggling at inopportune times, like at work. When I am meant to be working. Not reading DC recaps.).

The funny thing is that I have a total pattern when it comes to watching whole series like this – ie one after the other in quick succession. As soon as I have finished watching the final episode, I immediately want to watch it again from the beginning, with the intention of watching every scene (knowing I skipped on the first watching) and then when I do get to it, I realise I am really very sad indeed because I end up just watching the shipper moments and that’s all. However to really be able to achieve this, I need to be alone because it’s bad enough that my husband knows I watch this crap, but for him to see me obsess over a make-believe relationship is just too embarrassing. Let’s face it, I am just one step away from writing fanfiction here people.

So here’s to you, Dawson’s Creek. Thanks for everything. Especially you, Pacey. I am going to miss you most of all, Josh!

Image courtesy of this cool site

Tearfest 2006

8 09 2006

I am not ashamed to say that I cried several times watching DC last night.  Everything has got a bit more serious as we are nearing the series end.  This is what made me cry:

  • Joey leaving Pacey at the semi-formal.  I watched this episode in its entirety this time and it is just so sad.  When I first saw it, I just thought it was bad writing because there is no way that Joey just doesn’t feel ‘it’ with Pacey.  Now I think she was just confused by Eddie returning and thinking that if she didn’t try it will him, she would always wonder.  But it was this bit that really set me off:

Pacey:  Don’t tell me that you’re not scared, because I know that you are. I mean, I’ve known you too long and seen you push away too many good things to let you push me away right now. My whole life, Joey, my whole life you have been the most beautiful thing in my orbit. And my feelings for you were what proved to me that I could be great. And those feelings were stronger and were wiser and more persistent and more resilient than anything else about me…  When I was afraid of everything, I was never afraid to love you, and I could love you again. I could.

  • Grams telling Jen she has breast cancer.  Michelle Williams nailed this scene and in fact all the scenes she played after this. 
  • Grams telling Jen that she is not ready to die (by now I am actually crying proper, not just sniffling or wiping away the odd stray tear)
  • Jen explaining to CJ why she broke up with him and then getting back together with him:

Jen: She’s sick. My Grams is sick. And she has been keeping it from me, and it’s the reason that she broke up with your uncle Bill, and–and I don’t know what else she’s been keeping from me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t know anything about anything, and so I had a freak-out, one freak-out. Is that ok?
CJ: Yes. Yeah. Take as many as you need.

  • Jack’s face when he learns Grams has cancer.  Kerr Smith actually manages to convey worry/concern and also hurt at being left out of the loop.

Jack: Jen, you just– you gotta realize that, you know, you and Grams are pretty much all the family that I’ve got.

  • Pacey telling Dawson that he lost all his money and his realisation that their friendship is over
  • Pacey and Joey talking on the pier after the above…

Joey: Ok. You know, and no matter how much I love you or how long I stay with you, you’re only gonna remember the moments when I leave.
Pacey: Well, you gotta give me that much, because those are pretty much the most painful moments in my life.

Only 3 more episodes to go… better get some more tissues…