25 04 2008

Apparently, Lost was on last night in the US of A. Usually, we have to wait an extra 3 days to see it but for the rest of this season, we are going to be a week behind so we won’t get to see it (legitimately at least) until 10 days after the US. This means I have to avoid all kinds of sites that I normally enjoy reading until the end of the Lost season since this is the one of only two shows where I have managed to go unspoiled (well, shows that matter at least). The other is 24 and I managed to avoid spoilers because we get the episodes so soon after the US whereas most shows we watch are months after the initial airing and as such, bags of spoilers are on the internet. And I have zero will-power when it comes to not looking! So SHHH! Don’t tell me what’s happening!

You got to take a chance on something sometime

24 04 2008

The Office is still my favourite current obsession (if you have read this at all you will know how I latch on to a show for a while, devour everything I can about it then move on). I am keeping everything crossed that I am getting the season 2 and or 3 DVDs for my anniversary present so I can watch them all in one go and have JAM OVERLOAD! I love all the show, though, not just the deliciously awkward and realistic office relationship that is between Jim and Pam. However, since we are on the subject, let me give you a list of my favourite moments (so far – I have not seen all of Season 2 and any of Season 3 and I am not going to include clips I *may* have seen on, youtube or fan sites).  John Krasinkski’s Jim and Jenna Fischer’s Pam are defintiely TV’s best couple:

  • Pam falls asleep on Jims shoulder during a Michael Scott special in the boardroom confirming what we had already suspected that a) Pam digs Jim and b) Jim digs Pam.  When he has to wake her (most reluctantly) – so cute!  Despite losing out on an important sale thanks to Dwight, Jim ends his talking head (TH) “Not a bad day”.  AW. (Diversity Day)

  • Jim and Pam make up hilarious diseases for the Health Care survey conducted by Dwight (Health Care): 
    Pam I’m inventing new diseases.
    Jim: Oh, great.
    Pam: So, like, let’s say that my teeth turn to liquid and then they drip down the back of my throat. What would you call that?
    Jim: I thought you said you were inventing new diseases? That’s spontaneous dentohydroplosion.
    Pam: Nice.
  • Jim gets touchy-feely and nearly cops the business-end of Roy’s fist. This episode is just awesome with all the Jim and Dwight stuff too (The Alliance):
    Pam: An alliance?
    Jim: Oh yeah.
    Pam: What does that even mean?
    Jim: I think it has something to do with Survivor, but I’m not sure.
    Jim: Um, I know that it involves spying on people and we may build a fort

  • After some super-cute smack talk between P and J, Jim totally kicks Roy’s ass at Basketball but ultimately is the loser as he has to hear about Pam and Roy’s bathing habits.  The end of this episode is an excellent example of why Krasinski is perfect for this role.  He is able to convey endearing smugness as he basks in Pam’s compliments only to be completely deflated pissed-on-chips stylee as he hears her say something about getting Roy into a tub.  Euw.  He really has the whole kicked-in-the-gut facial expression down.  Poor Jim (Basketball).
    Jim: You coming down?
    Pam: Yeah, I’m just forwarding the phones.
    Jim: You gonna wish me luck?
    Pam: Yeah, you’re gonna need it.
    Jim: Whoa.
    Jim: Is that trash talk from Pam?
    Pam: [laughing] I’m just saying, Roy is very competitive.
    Jim: Oh.
    Pam: And he wants to take the WaveRunners to the lake this Saturday so…
    Jim: Well, I’m going to the outlet mall on Saturday, so if you wanna save big on brand names and Roy has to work, which he will, because I’m also competitive, you should feel free to come along.
    Pam: Um, I think I’m gonna be up at the lake.
    Jim: I think I’ll see you at the mall. Yeah.
  • Drunk Pam in The Dundies episode was a joy to behold… a kiss on the lips for Jim and an almost confession of something in the car park: what a start to Season 2! 

  • Pam’s mum gives away something more than she should by whispering ‘Which one’s Jim” when she visits the office.  We see Jim’s reaction as he hears this – the smallest side-smile.  Just brillant.

  • Much tomfoolery and fun during the Dunder Mifflin Olympics, more flirty comradarie between Jim and Pam and they even manage to cheer up Michael even though he has no idea.  My favourite non-Jam part of this episode is right at the end when they award Michael a gold medal (made by Pam from paperclips and yoghurt tops) and he wear’s it proudly over his arm as he puts his hand on his heart during the national anthem (Office Olympics). 

  • Pam suggest to a clearly hurt Jim that he apply for a better job out-of-state and has to do some damage limitation (Halloween):
    Pam: Um I’m sorry… for pushing you towards Cumberland.  Seriously, if you left here, I would blow my brains out.
    Jim (TH): That’s just a figure of speech, you know? Blow your brains out? Come on. All it really means is that we’re friends. Who else is she gonna talk to if I’m gone, right? I mean, if she left, I wouldn’t blow my brains out. Of course, I would take that job in Maryland. Because it’s double the pay, and soft shell crab just happens to be my favorite food.
  • The flirting moves into classic palm-reading and play fighting terrirory and its all good stuff – Jim literally picks her up from behind and his hands are ON SKIN on her torso and its totally hot.  And Pam is loving it until Meredith sees and then she freaks the hell out.  It looks like Jim might even cry a little when she yells at him to put her down.  Oh my. (The Fight)

  • After sharing bad first dates with the group (during which we are given further proof that Roy is a total douche), Jim and Pam share a romantic dinner of grilled cheese sandwich on the roof watching Dwight’s fireworks only for her to piss on his chips again (The Client):
    Jim: Some might even say that we had our first date last night.
    Pam: Oh, really?
    Jim: Really.
    Pam: Why might some say that?
    Jim: Cause there was dinner, by candlelight.
    Pam: Uh hmm.
    Jim: Dinner and a show, if you include Michael’s movie. [Pam nods reluctantly] And there was dancing and fireworks. Pretty good date.
    Pam: We didn’t dance.
    Jim: You’re right, we didn’t dance. It was more like, swaying. But still romantic.
    Pam: Swaying isn’t dancing.
    Jim: Least I didn’t leave you at a high school hockey game. [me: Ooh BURN!]
    Pam: I have some faxes to get out.
    Jim: Oh, come on, Pam. I-
    Jim (in TH): Ok, we didn’t dance. I was totally joking anyway. I mean, it’s not really a date if the girl goes home to her fiance. Right? [me: oh, Jim]

  • One of many superb pranks played on Dwight, I love the one when Jim and Pam convince him it is Friday instead of Thursday, thus making him incredibly late the next day. (Performance Review)
  • Pam has a nose round Jim’s room during his BBQ and they have a bit of alone time.  Plus they are on to Dwight and Angela, although Pam totally freaks out again when Phyllis thinks she is talking about Jim and Pam when Pam asks about secret office romances.  Pam, denial aint just a river in Egypt.  (Email Surveillance)

  • Jim’s gift for Pam – very cute indeed.  And even cuter once she decided not to keep the iPod and get his gift back from Dwight after some ill-advised Yankee Swap stuff at Michael’s behest (Christmas Party).
  • The infamous 27 seconds.  A master-class in how to say so much without saying anything at all (isn’t that a Ronan Keating song?).  Much like in The Simpsons when Bart shows Lisa the exact moment that she breaks poor Ralph’s heart, we see Jim’s heart get a pummeling as Roy finally (and drunkedly) sees the light and sets a date for the wedding after their 3 year engagement.  Bonus: seeing Jim dump Katy in unceremonious fashion.  Shouldn’t be funny but it is: (Booze Cruise)
    Katy: Do you think that’ll ever be us?
    Jim: No.
    Katy: What is wrong with you? Why did you even bring me here tonight?
    Jim: I don’t know. Let’s break up.

    Can’t help sharing this cheesy but cute fanvid:

  • Michael accidentally burns (cooks) his foot on his Foreman grill and, well, the episode just soars from there.  I mean, how can this be a bad episode with that premise?  There is just one nice Jim/Pam exchange on the phone but I love this episode for Michael’s buffoonery and Dwight’s concussive kindness.  (The Injury)
  • After Jim’s confession to Michael about his crush on Pam gets out (as it inevitably would with Michael as the confidante), he has some embarrassing explaining to do.  Pam is being almost willfully oblivious from this moment on.  (The Secret)
  • After an entire episode where they are separated, during which Jim tries to move on by asking out a girl’s voicemail, it ends with Jim listening to his many voice messages from Pam which she left for him during the day.  Yeah, Pam.. just friends.  I get it. (The Secret):
    Jim’s voicemail: You have seven unheard messages.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Hey, Jim. It’s Pam. I keep looking up to say something to you and then Michael’s there and it’s horrible. Anyway, I’m bored. Come back!
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Hey, guess what? I moved my computer so I can’t see Michael’s head. It’s working. I think I can have a career as a very specific type of decorator.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Sudoku. Level moderate. 18 minutes. Suck on that, Halpert.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] I’ll transfer you. Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam. Hold, please. Dunder Mifflin, this is … okay, sorry. Michael was standing at my desk, and I needed to be busy or who knows what would’ve happened, so thank you.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Hey, what’s that word we made up when you have a thing stuck in your shoe? Anyway, I have a thing stuck in my shoe.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Hey, I have a chance to sneak out of here early, and I’m not messing this up, so I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] Calling from my cell phone. I don’t know if you guys figured out who did that to Michael’s carpet yet, but I have a theory that involves an inter-departmental conspiracy. Everybody in the office. We need to talk.
  • In case we weren’t sure, this is where we are shown that Jim is perfect boyfriend material (encouraging Pam to follow her dreams) and Roy is, you guessed it, a total douche.  Jim cannot hide his disappointment and frustration with her when she decided not to go for the design internship (and of course that other unmentioned thing, namely dump Roy for Jim)
    Jim: So you’re not doing it.
    Pam: How did you know?
    Jim: Why not?
    Pam: Just like no big reason. Just a bunch of little reasons.
    Jim: Come on.
    Pam: Roy’s right. There’s no guarantee it’s going to lead to anything anyway.
    Jim: Roy said that.
    Pam: What? You have something you want to say?
    Jim: You got to take a chance on something sometime, Pam. I mean, do you want to be a receptionist here, always?
    Pam: Oh, excuse me! I’m fine with my choices!
    Jim: You are?
    Pam (unsure): Yeah.
I have seen more than this but this seems a good place to stop since this is precisely what this relationship (or lack thereof) is about.  It’s about needing to be brave enough to take a chance and about making positive changes which can be terrifying.  Without getting too personal, I had a tough time breaking away from a totally unhealthy and uninspiring relationship to be with the right person and that was simply down to external influences.  It had nothing to do with how I felt.  I think what I love about this show is how real it all is.  how easy it is to recognise all the behaviours, the interactions that take place.  It is also incredibly witty and it makes me want to put a stapler in some jelly.


Winner winner chicken dinner

11 04 2008

We went to see the film 21on Wednesday night at an advance screening which as it turns out is a lot less exciting than it sounds.  It just means Wednesday was the first night it was shown.  Then it was not the next night.  Then is starts for real tonight. Not sure I see the point as the ticket price was the same.  ANYHOO.  The film aiit.  Not great but aiit.  Rich and I had both read (and very much enjoyed) Ben Mezrich’s book Bringing Down the House and the film really didn’t have any surprises because of that. 

The lead Jim Sturgess did a good job at being the super-intelligent dorky MIT student who gets involved in a crazy life of weekends in Vegas counting cards for muchos $$$.  I am not so keen on Kate Bosworth (she needs to eat a burger, y’all).  I haven’t loved her in anything since Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. YES I watched that.  A couple of times.  I didn’t mind her Lois Lane in Superman Returns.  I just don’t love her.  Kevin Spacey was just superb as the friendly professor with a seriously dark side.  It was very cool seeing Las Vegas now that we have been.  Our experience was slightly less rockin’ than theirs though.  All in all it is worth a look but maybe wait for the DVD?

In case you haven’t seen the trailer:



10 04 2008

What is wrong with the singers on American Idol tonight (or rather on Tuesday night)?

You all sound shite. Except Jason. Although you look like Minnie Driver so…

Life without Lost

10 04 2008

As Lost is on haitus, I have had to find some new shows to enjoy. This is a quick run down of what I am into:

Gossip Girl

I was waiting for this to cross the pond and I am enjoying it so far. I love the glamour and the young people and New York so I am thinking I will be definitely watching this for the foeseeable future. I really hope Chuck gets beat up properly soon. He’s a douche.


I resisted this as I was not sure about the whole rip-off of Angel thing but, inevitably I suppose, it sucked me in and now I wish I had watched from the beginning! Vampires, sexual tension, steamy LA – what’s not to like?

The Office

As I mentioned in my last post, I have started watching this hilarious show on Paramount (having missed it the first time around) and I am hooked. It is the thing I am excited to get home to watch in the evening. We are at season 2 and the JAM tension is awesome and Michael is tragic yet painfully dumb. Dwight is just precious. Angela is anal and superb. Kevin is adorable. Jim is more adorable. Pam is cute. I love it. LOVE IT.

American Idol

So far, noone I love has gone. There are still people in it who are annoying as hell though (I am mainly talking to you Kristy Lee Cook although you are singing right now and I don’t hate it. Don’t like it, but don’t hate it.) I heart Jason Castro and Carly Smithson and Michael John with David Cook as my new favourite. I used to like Michael the best but David’s voice is just ace. Tonight he is singing like ass though. So he may have already gone home. I hope not. I refuse to look online and spoil it.


Is back tonight! EEK!

Desperate Housewives

This is pure fluff and I love it. It has silly stories but the women are likeable even when they are not liked and there is Mike.


First episode taped and not yet watched – seems like a Jake 2.0 (without the cute-as-hell Christoper Gorham). Expectations – reserved.

October Road

I know this looks like it is going to get canceled but I hope it isn’t – it’s warm, funny, charming, cute, emotional and set in a beautiful location.

Dirty Sexy Money

Love this show. Donald Sutherland is a god.


Kovac has gone – can I hang on to watch the last of the series? The jury is out on this.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This is getting mixed reviews but I like it. I am unhindered by being obsessed with the films (I like the third one for goodness sake!) so maybe that’s why. I love the fembot. I like John. I like Lena Heady as Sarah. It even has the cop brother from Rescue Me! Ooh when is that coming back I wonder…

Dark Angel

This is being repeated but I am really just whoozing through it. Logan is hot.

Home and Away

Watching it on YouTube as I have caught up to the Aussies. Sam is dead. Shh don’t tell anyone in the UK.

One Tree Hill

This is almost over (season 4 is being shown here) so I am not sure when Season 5 will be aired. I love this dramatic piece of teen nonsense. Looking forward to the fast forward – so glad they did not go the college route. This is much better and the actors can actually play characters closer to their real ages. If October Road is cancelled I wonder if Jake will return!?!?

Pushing Daisies

Premieres on Saturday night so will see how I like it.


Season 5 starts again in May. Tony has one more chance not to suck.

Phew. Good job Lost isn’t on really.

Enjoying a bit of PB and J

7 04 2008

For a long time I resisted watching The Office, An American Workplace as I felt sure it would suck hard compared to the brilliant (if excrutiatingly awkward) British original. However, it has recently been added to oru series link on Sky + and I am hooked. It is really brilliant. I am a big fan of Steve Carell anyway and whilst his Michael Scott is not the same as Ricky Gervais‘s David Brent, it is brilliant is a different way. He still plays a character who is seriously flawed and ignorant but in some ways his portrayal is softer and it is easier to feel sympathetic towards him. The Tim/Dawn equivalent pairing is also very well done – so realistic for a yearning attraction that is in a totally mundane environment. The looks across the desk, the things left unspoken – just superb. John Krasinki and Jenna Fischer are masters at this, just as Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis were before them. I am really rooting for those guys (even though I know things happen Season 4 – but we aren’t there yet so shhh don’t tell me anymore!.