25 04 2008

Apparently, Lost was on last night in the US of A. Usually, we have to wait an extra 3 days to see it but for the rest of this season, we are going to be a week behind so we won’t get to see it (legitimately at least) until 10 days after the US. This means I have to avoid all kinds of sites that I normally enjoy reading until the end of the Lost season since this is the one of only two shows where I have managed to go unspoiled (well, shows that matter at least). The other is 24 and I managed to avoid spoilers because we get the episodes so soon after the US whereas most shows we watch are months after the initial airing and as such, bags of spoilers are on the internet. And I have zero will-power when it comes to not looking! So SHHH! Don’t tell me what’s happening!