I am Iron Man

14 05 2008

I had heard good things about this film before I saw it. Wil Wheaton wrote a favourable comment about it and I had heard good things also from friends who had seen it. I was NOT disappointed. It was absolutely superb. It was very funny. Very funny indeed. The script was dynamite. I was so happy to see that Robert Downey Jr. was just brilliant.

The effects were solid and the machine-on-machine fighting blew Transformers out of the water.

Jeff Bridges was excellent and almost unrecognisable (until he starts to talk with that distinctive voice of his) as the benevolent/malevolent Obadiah (what a cool name!).

I loved the sassy Pepper Potts, played very well by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow. She deserves an award just for the scene near the end where she has to run in extremely high heels! I am loving her red hair too! All this girlie talk trivialises her input in the film and I don’t mean to. She brings a sensitivity, strength and she had great chemistry with RDJ – so much so that ricardo actually commented that he was disappointed they didn’t kiss! Aw he is a Tony/Pepper ‘shipper!

Terrence Howard was superb as the good friend and all-round good guy Jim Rhodes.

I am glad for IMDB.com for times when I forget to look for an actor’s name in the credits. The voice of the computer Jarvis was frustratingly familar and British and I now know is Paul Bettany. I was told to wait though the (very long) credits for a sneaky extra scene at the end and it was definitely worth it (although the scene is not very long so if you do wait, which you should, be prepared!).

I also now want to buy Back in Black by ACDC and Ironman by Black Sabbath!

Winner winner chicken dinner

11 04 2008

We went to see the film 21on Wednesday night at an advance screening which as it turns out is a lot less exciting than it sounds.  It just means Wednesday was the first night it was shown.  Then it was not the next night.  Then is starts for real tonight. Not sure I see the point as the ticket price was the same.  ANYHOO.  The film aiit.  Not great but aiit.  Rich and I had both read (and very much enjoyed) Ben Mezrich’s book Bringing Down the House and the film really didn’t have any surprises because of that. 

The lead Jim Sturgess did a good job at being the super-intelligent dorky MIT student who gets involved in a crazy life of weekends in Vegas counting cards for muchos $$$.  I am not so keen on Kate Bosworth (she needs to eat a burger, y’all).  I haven’t loved her in anything since Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. YES I watched that.  A couple of times.  I didn’t mind her Lois Lane in Superman Returns.  I just don’t love her.  Kevin Spacey was just superb as the friendly professor with a seriously dark side.  It was very cool seeing Las Vegas now that we have been.  Our experience was slightly less rockin’ than theirs though.  All in all it is worth a look but maybe wait for the DVD?

In case you haven’t seen the trailer:


I wanna grow old with you

20 11 2007

I am watching The Wedding Singer. It is awesome.

152 insights into my soul

19 11 2007

I just watched You Got Mail. It is a shameful thing to admit but there is something about that Meg and Tom combo that just slays me. They are so deliciously cute and good and wholesome with just enough zing to make it interesting. There is something about watching this movie that is so healing and life affirming it makes me completely happy. I am still smiling. I just love Tom Hanks doing his goofy thing and Meg Ryan is so delightful on screen, even if she is an awkward mare off screen. The ending is just perfect: “I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” with Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the background. Sigh.

How have I not got Sleepless in Seattle in my collection?

Lake House

14 11 2007

I really oughtn’t like this film as the premise is a bit barmy but I am a sucka for Keanu and Sandra.  They have great chemistry and its a real whimsy film for the romantic at heart.  Which I am.  I watched a snippet of it last night as I caught it on Sky movies and was very glad to know that I had the DVD so that I could watch the end again since I had to turn off.

Sandler off his game

10 11 2007

I suppose it is debatable whether Adam Sandler is actually a talented comedian or just a total douche.  I cannot deny my love for his earlier oeuvre – Little Nicky, Big Daddy et al.  I really enjoyed his more serious work like Punch Drunk Love and 50 First Dates, but what on earth was he thinking when he made (and his production company did make it) Click?  It is just awful.  His range as an actor not broad enough to make the potentially poignant middle act believable.    The funny parts were just not that funny.  Kate Beckinsale was hopelessly miscast since you had no idea why such a beautiful woman would ever spend time with such a loser (Sandler obviously doesn’t have any self-esteem issues if he cast her himself).  The film was saved by the typically quirky Angel of Death played by the superb Christopher Walken.

Do not wast 2 hours of your life watching this.  If you have already made this mistake, I sympathise.

Film review: Eragon

6 11 2007

We just rented the blu-ray version of Eragon. This movie didn’t set anything on fire when it was released but this was probably as much to day with fantasy-fatigue following the LoTR trilogy as it was to do with the quality of the film making. Having said that, I still wasn’t blown away by Eragon. I am not exactly sure what it lacked. Despite an excellent turn by Jeremy Irons as the former dragon rider, the film failed to really draw me in which meant that I was not ultimately bothered what happened. Now I am usually pretty easy to please, but I just didn’t get into this tale of good and evil, dragons against baddie, magic and destiny. I did notice that the soundtrack was particularly unremarkable which just goes to show how important music is for building tension, setting the scene and drawing on the emotions of the viewer. I also think that Rachel Weisz and her ghastly mid-atlantic voicing of the dragon, Saphira, was hopelessly miscast.

The weak lead and the CGI dragon were given far too much screen time at the expense of other characters that could have been interesting but were scarcely featured such as John Malkovich’s fairly menacing Galbatorix and Sienna Guillory’s Ayra. Robert Carlyle’s Durza was suitably sinister but again not featured enough. It must be said that the visual effects were pretty excellent, especially the animation of Saphira. It is very easy to be blasé about these effects but if you compare this to previous dragon films, this creature is very much more lifelike. On a superficial level, I enjoyed this film but I won’t be rushing out to buy the DVD. If you haven’t seen it, only watch it if you have a spare couple of hours and can’t be bothered to do the ironing. Alternatively, you could just watch this instead: