Here we go again…

18 09 2006

After my short break from the Creek, I was back again with a vengence this weekend.  I started back at the beginning only to discover that I actually really do only care about one storyline (and I think you know what is) so I basically watched selected Pacey scenes and the whole of Double Date in Season 1 and then selected scenes / episodes in Season 2 only to find myself back watching Season 3.  I am actually thinking that I will get bored of this soon.  Because surely there is only so many time I can watch it?  Isn’t there

I watched Cursed the other day which stars Josh Jackson.  It does not seem to be a favourite amongst his more hard-core fans but I thought it was hilarious.  I mean, ok, it is supposed to be a horror movie, not a comedy, but I thought it was great.  I must admit that without the added allure of JJ, it really would have been a bit pants.  But it was great seeing JJ get to be a total bad-ass.  He must have had a blast making it!  Oh but he did look fine, so it was not 90 minutes wasted.


Iron will

14 09 2006

I am so proud of myself!  I have managed to go for 2 whole days without Dawsons Creek.  TV watching in general has been kept to a minimum (strictly during tea-time only).

The fact that I have not started my OU assignment due in tomorrow is neither here nor there.  At least I can’t blame it on my beloved television.

Of course I can’t go completely cold turkey so I there has been *some* reading of fan forums.  And *some* reading of fanfics.  And *some* reading of recaps.  But still.  No actual Dawsons, on TV.  So I feel that in this case, the internet is my methodone.

Now I see it written down it doesn’t seem much of an achievement actually.  Oh well, who gives a crap?

My name is Dweeb and I am a DawsonsCreekaholic

12 09 2006

I have something to admit. I am having real trouble letting go of Dawson’s Creek. I think I might need therapy for it, or some shit. I keep watching all my favourite bits over and over. It’s just not healthy. When I wrote before about my normal TV-obsession-routine I forgot about the other part … I find fan sites and download every clip I can find and then watch them over and over (thank god for Mandy) and then I find a forum and post comments that are probably inane and dull but I don’t care because it feels good to be able to discuss my habit with like-minded people. And I trawl the net for gossip and pictures of the leading man in question (oh, Josh!).  An then there is fanfiction.  Another guilty pleasure.  I love reading this stuff.  However if I ever start to write it myself then I will know that all hope is lost.  Not because there is anything wrong with it … not at all.  But because I already struggle to fit everything I ought to be doing into a day without giving myself a new hobby as well!!!

Just typing “my normal TV-obsession-routine” makes me think that perhaps I have a problem. But so long as it’s not interfering with my life, or say, my Open University course… then that’s ok, right? Oh wait a second…