Here we go again…

18 09 2006

After my short break from the Creek, I was back again with a vengence this weekend.  I started back at the beginning only to discover that I actually really do only care about one storyline (and I think you know what is) so I basically watched selected Pacey scenes and the whole of Double Date in Season 1 and then selected scenes / episodes in Season 2 only to find myself back watching Season 3.  I am actually thinking that I will get bored of this soon.  Because surely there is only so many time I can watch it?  Isn’t there

I watched Cursed the other day which stars Josh Jackson.  It does not seem to be a favourite amongst his more hard-core fans but I thought it was hilarious.  I mean, ok, it is supposed to be a horror movie, not a comedy, but I thought it was great.  I must admit that without the added allure of JJ, it really would have been a bit pants.  But it was great seeing JJ get to be a total bad-ass.  He must have had a blast making it!  Oh but he did look fine, so it was not 90 minutes wasted.