4 01 2008

AKA  The Debacle That Was The Robin Hood Season Finale

Ok I know that it is really a show for kids.  And the important thing is the myth and legend stuff not the love triangle soap opera stuff.  BUT.  Why, BBC, did you kill off Marion?  What was point of sending the gang over to the Holy Land?  What did it achieve exactly??  ARGH so many questions.

This is what I would have written had I been in charge:

  • Marion offers herself to Guy if he kills the sheriff (who, incidentally, doesn’t need to be in Nottingham anymore apparently – so much for all that bruhahah when he went missing for a few hours the other week).  Instead of misplacing his balls, he actually goes through with it (which seems make much more sense, character-wise).
  • Marion then finds out that Robin is not dead but has already made her promise.  This can go two ways (both better that what actually happened): a) she stays with Guy and then we have a pissed-off Robin and a torn Marion and a happy Guy; or b) she reneigned on her promise to Guy (after he has killed the Sheriff) so we have a powerfull but super-pissed Guy, and a happy if a little in the dog-house Robin and Marion.
  • The King would have been a bit more effectual.
  • Carter would have joined the gang instead of being killed for no reason.

I do realise that a lot of people enjoy Robin for Keith Allen’s sheriff but I have started to get a but tired of the slashiness (it skeeves me out because, well, Keith Allen skeeves me out) and his one-liners are just a bit too hammy and not actually that funny anymore.

The series is returning for a third season but I really do not see how it will me.  Sure, we will have much guilt-ridden angst from Guy and vengeance-fuelled hatred from Robin but with no Marion, Djaq or Will, the remaining characters are going to have to really go some to fill those shoes.



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12 04 2008

I agree, they really messed that one up!

You can’t have a Robin Hood series without Maid Marion, like it or not she’s essential to the mythology. I’m not a Robin/Marion shipper, I hate shippiness in general, it just bugs me because its the easiest thing to write and the hardest thing to write well and few writers seem to have the talent to pull it off.

When Nottingham was going to be destroyed Guy decided to not be a coward and save his own ass (as expected) and instead went back to fight and die beside Marion. How can you NOT love that. It’s real character development. Robin’s good and he’s always going to be good and while that’s nice it’s also very dull. When a bad guy character like Guy does something noble like that it’s a big frickin’ deal. Why oh why did they destroy the character by having him kill Marion, he is no longer interesting to me.

I always saw Robin Hood as an epic battle between Marion and the Sheriff for Guy’s soul, the rest of the characters were a good distraction but nothing more. The Sheriff won, quite predictably, and Guy Got even more boring. Now he’s just a bad guy with no substance, nothing to offer him redemption.

What’s the point?

13 04 2008

Very well said. I very much doubt if there is a third season that I will be watching.

3 08 2008

Well, here I am on the other side of the pond having just watched the season finale. Not a happy camper. Much like you folks I heartily agree that BBC f’d up this one. I felt that Lucy Griffith’s Marion provided the heart & “wild card” in the series. Marion is central to the Robin Hood mythology, and while I am not a traditionalist and quite enjoy the modern spin on the story I feel that there is no Robin Hood without Marion. Marion (as well as Djaq) leavens the whole “boy club” vibe with her passion to sort things out in her own way for the people of Nottinham. I agree with all of you that Gisborne was far more interesting as a conflicted bad guy. Marion’s compassion for him gave the character more depth. If there is third season, he will be another cartoon bad guy much like the sheriff, ho hum. Even though it is only a TV show I am bummed about this and the fun ride is over folks. I honestly can’t see another season of this from here on out.

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