I am Iron Man

14 05 2008

I had heard good things about this film before I saw it. Wil Wheaton wrote a favourable comment about it and I had heard good things also from friends who had seen it. I was NOT disappointed. It was absolutely superb. It was very funny. Very funny indeed. The script was dynamite. I was so happy to see that Robert Downey Jr. was just brilliant.

The effects were solid and the machine-on-machine fighting blew Transformers out of the water.

Jeff Bridges was excellent and almost unrecognisable (until he starts to talk with that distinctive voice of his) as the benevolent/malevolent Obadiah (what a cool name!).

I loved the sassy Pepper Potts, played very well by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow. She deserves an award just for the scene near the end where she has to run in extremely high heels! I am loving her red hair too! All this girlie talk trivialises her input in the film and I don’t mean to. She brings a sensitivity, strength and she had great chemistry with RDJ – so much so that ricardo actually commented that he was disappointed they didn’t kiss! Aw he is a Tony/Pepper ‘shipper!

Terrence Howard was superb as the good friend and all-round good guy Jim Rhodes.

I am glad for IMDB.com for times when I forget to look for an actor’s name in the credits. The voice of the computer Jarvis was frustratingly familar and British and I now know is Paul Bettany. I was told to wait though the (very long) credits for a sneaky extra scene at the end and it was definitely worth it (although the scene is not very long so if you do wait, which you should, be prepared!).

I also now want to buy Back in Black by ACDC and Ironman by Black Sabbath!