Winner winner chicken dinner

11 04 2008

We went to see the film 21on Wednesday night at an advance screening which as it turns out is a lot less exciting than it sounds.  It just means Wednesday was the first night it was shown.  Then it was not the next night.  Then is starts for real tonight. Not sure I see the point as the ticket price was the same.  ANYHOO.  The film aiit.  Not great but aiit.  Rich and I had both read (and very much enjoyed) Ben Mezrich’s book Bringing Down the House and the film really didn’t have any surprises because of that. 

The lead Jim Sturgess did a good job at being the super-intelligent dorky MIT student who gets involved in a crazy life of weekends in Vegas counting cards for muchos $$$.  I am not so keen on Kate Bosworth (she needs to eat a burger, y’all).  I haven’t loved her in anything since Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. YES I watched that.  A couple of times.  I didn’t mind her Lois Lane in Superman Returns.  I just don’t love her.  Kevin Spacey was just superb as the friendly professor with a seriously dark side.  It was very cool seeing Las Vegas now that we have been.  Our experience was slightly less rockin’ than theirs though.  All in all it is worth a look but maybe wait for the DVD?

In case you haven’t seen the trailer: