Enjoying a bit of PB and J

7 04 2008

For a long time I resisted watching The Office, An American Workplace as I felt sure it would suck hard compared to the brilliant (if excrutiatingly awkward) British original. However, it has recently been added to oru series link on Sky + and I am hooked. It is really brilliant. I am a big fan of Steve Carell anyway and whilst his Michael Scott is not the same as Ricky Gervais‘s David Brent, it is brilliant is a different way. He still plays a character who is seriously flawed and ignorant but in some ways his portrayal is softer and it is easier to feel sympathetic towards him. The Tim/Dawn equivalent pairing is also very well done – so realistic for a yearning attraction that is in a totally mundane environment. The looks across the desk, the things left unspoken – just superb. John Krasinki and Jenna Fischer are masters at this, just as Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis were before them. I am really rooting for those guys (even though I know things happen Season 4 – but we aren’t there yet so shhh don’t tell me anymore!.



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