Lost dialogue

16 03 2008

Katie and I had just a short chat about Lost this week.  Whilst the new episode has aired in the US, we get it in about 3 hours here in the UK so until then, this is what we had to say:

Katie: 8:56pm Mar 10th
Hi Kat,

I promise I will not do this every time we see an episode, but…..

I can’t believe they teased us into thinking we would find out who the spy on the boat was and then didnt tell us! Also cannot believe Jack kissed Juliet, eww, its kinda like Rachel kissing Chandler instead of Ross in Friends.

Anyway determined not to make this a long one, but, a few points…

1) Juliet says that the immune system only turns on the foetus’s of those women who conceive on the island. So why did they feel the need to inject Claire with something when she conceived off the island?

2) Juliets lover said he got his wine from the submarine, did you notice that? Mmmm did they all have access to it, how often was it actually used so they could go elsewhere/home?

3) Juliet mentioned the children from Oceanic survivors. WHere are they keeping them??? Also Ben mentioned them being on THE list and that who are they to say who goes on the list? I assumed there was one list with all the surviviors on it but Ben is insinuating there is a list that is just made up of people that the island/Jacob want on it. After all the island seemed to kill off people it didnt like quite quickly i.e that young lad at the begininng (cant remember his name) that kind of had a relationship with his sister who Sayid went out with and Ecko.

What do you think?

Katie xxx

Me: 2:41pm Mar 12th
Hey! I really don’t mind! I like having these discussions with you! I have read in a few places that people think the spy on the boat will be Michael (not sure where Walt is meant to be though)… does this make sense to you?

Ok about your points:

1) I am a little hazy about the whole injections thing but did they wanted to experiment on her? Maybe that was a mistake? I don’t actually know!

2) I DID notice that. I am not sure that they all had access to it – he was obviously working with the chemicals and other technical stuff so maybe he had special priviledges.

3) I think there are some Others that are still about (hence the scary therapist who visted Juliet) and they will; have the kids – for what reason I am not sure. The list seems to be a list of people the island wants – Boone and Shannon werent on the list clearly!

The worst thing is that I really need to watch it all over from the beginning to remember all the bits about the tailfin (who else was there that survived and what happened to them – were they all killed by Ben when he gassed the Others’ camp?).

It’s hard to remember who is friend and who is foe (still can’t make out that Charlotte woman – she is a tricky one).


Until the next episode…




3 responses

19 03 2008

You know, that’s a good point about injecting Claire with the vaccine. Why DID they have to do that? It doesn’t make sense now. I bet Juliet’s not being completely honest.

I kind of liked the Jack & Juliet moment. 😛 Kate has been way too mean to Jack. It’s time for him to move on. 😉

19 03 2008

Ooh Steph that is controversial!!! I have no problem with Jack and Juliet – in the short-term! But I am afraid I think they need to end up together!!!

28 03 2008

LOL! You don’t think Kate should stick with Sawyer?

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