Then came the rubber dress

12 01 2008

So it begins


running corridor running stairs guys chasing bullets lift intercom wig acrobatics gadgetry funkass dance beats sirens more running another corridor fight squealing tyres the eiffel tower

yowser that’s a good start to the episode!!!

Quick summary:

In this episode Syd goes on her first mission for SD-6 as a double agent. Will starts digging on Danny’s death and Syd tells him to back off. Jack starts working in the SD-6 office. Syd goes on a mission to find a nuclear bomb and manages to accidentally arm it. She goes to Marshall for help disarming it instead of the CIA and gets Vaughn into hot water. Considered too young and inexperienced to be her handler he is re-assigned as they realise how important Sydney is as an asset. She goes to Cairo to get back the nuclear bomb for the CIA but must take care for SD-6 not to find out. The episode ends on a cliff hanger as she recovers the nuclear core.

Some observations:

After the action-packed start we move straight onto my other favourite ingredient of this fantabulous show: Sydney and Vaughn. Interacting. This scene particular is so cute. Sydney is talking at 500 mils per hour giving Vaughn the low-down on all her contacts and missions for the baddies SD-6. He tries to get a work in and she is talking and talking. Finally he says “its not your job to give me the plan, I’m giving you the plan” ooooh snap!!! These two start this series as they mean to go on, snap, crackle and popping their way through missions and traumas. Also holster alert!!!

Now as I mentioned before I wasn’t around in the beginning .. I started watching this just as season 4 was starting but I understand that Will was much hated and a lot of fans didn’t like him. I don’t get it. He is cool, smart, cute and he asks questions that any rational normal person would ask – he’s not to know that he is inadvertently putting her life in danger. It also makes for an interesting clash of her very ordinary home-life and her very extraordinary work-life. I will always be a Sydney/Vaughn ‘shipper but that doesn’t mean I can’t like Will, OK?

Over at SD-6, Syd struts through the security check – all business heels and flicky hair. She bumps into Marshall, SD-6’s techie. Bumbling and rambling and so very cute and funny. And then Syd’s SD-6 partner Dixon: “We kill ourselves to do the right thing, meanwhile the bad people keep coming back.” It’s so sad that he thinks he is working for the good guys.

Still at SD-6, Sloane brings Sydney to a boardroom only for her to be confronted with her father. I love it when Jen and Victor (Jack) work together. Even this early on when they are new to each other. She asks him if he knew that SD-6 were going to kill Danny and ask she speaks she lets out the tiniest whimper. She is just awesome in this scene. I fear I am going to be saying that a lot.

We have the first of many scenes this season of Syd writing our her mission on a paper bag for the CIA. I cant watch these scenes without thinking of the spoof that was done. That spoof makes me practically wet myself every single time.

Then we have another cute scene between Syd and Vaughn, where they discuss her counter-mission. They are still warming up to each other. She doesn’t trust him. He tries to chit chat and she just wants to get down to business. NO! not like that (you have a filthy mind)… well not yet anyway.

Her first mission/counter-mission involves her wearing some dodgy blue rubber dress that looks totally impractical and not really that attractive. Maybe some guy out there can explain the appeal of this so-called sexy outfit because I don’t get it.

And finally:

Favourite Vaughn Moments:

  • Vaughn worries about her and Weiss reminds him his girlfriend’s name is Alice (HA!).
  • Vaughn convinces Devlin to give Sydney a chance and Weiss calls him Balls Of Steel
  • Vaughn and Syd fight after she goes to SD-6 for help with the nuclear bomb and he gets petulant “its reflected on both our permanent records, FYI”
  • And, of course, the holster scene at the beginning of the episode

Favourite Quote:

Don’t tell me to hold the phone I’m sitting on a ticking nuclear bomb!!!

Screencap of the day:

Furrowed brow? Check.
Sharp suit? Check.
Purty green eyes? Check.
General hotness? Check.


Pictures courtesy of Double Agent

Originally posted 12 October 2006



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