I heart Robin Hood

11 11 2007

That’s the TV show, not the man.  Although Jonas Armstrong has his rugged moments.  So does Guy of Gisbourne (more unnecessary shirtlessness tonight which Richard Armstrong must have asked for as a pay off for hitting the gym over the summer).  Anyhoo, oh my god last night’s episode was superb.  I am so pleased that the series has really picked up.  The sheriff was dastardly as usual.  Guy was more conflicted then ever between his life as the sheriff’s lacky and pursuer of Lady Marion’s affections (he would be more successful with this is he didn’t put her in shackles).  Robin went all Uma in Kill Bill only to find that his plans had been preempted and his multiple knifings were scuppered (pretty cool to see a darker side of Robin).  I already can’t wait for next week.  Off now to the BBC website to browse through the videos!



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