Sandler off his game

10 11 2007

I suppose it is debatable whether Adam Sandler is actually a talented comedian or just a total douche.  I cannot deny my love for his earlier oeuvre – Little Nicky, Big Daddy et al.  I really enjoyed his more serious work like Punch Drunk Love and 50 First Dates, but what on earth was he thinking when he made (and his production company did make it) Click?  It is just awful.  His range as an actor not broad enough to make the potentially poignant middle act believable.    The funny parts were just not that funny.  Kate Beckinsale was hopelessly miscast since you had no idea why such a beautiful woman would ever spend time with such a loser (Sandler obviously doesn’t have any self-esteem issues if he cast her himself).  The film was saved by the typically quirky Angel of Death played by the superb Christopher Walken.

Do not wast 2 hours of your life watching this.  If you have already made this mistake, I sympathise.



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