Douche Leery

7 11 2007

I know I have mentioned this before but I find myself watching Season 3 Dawson’s Creek and it’s like Groundhog Day. Here I am, sitting before the TV, screaming at Dawson for being the most colossal douche known to TV. AGAIN. I shouldn’t put myself through it. I can’t bear everyone being mean to Pacey. I can’t bear Joey still being controlled by the puppet-master / douchebag Dawson. I can’t bear Dawson. Even Andie gets on my nerves. I am of course talking about that infamous episode, The Longest Day. It should be called The Longest Episode.  It is just awful.

I am preparing myself for the next one, the one with the yacht race, which isn’t much better. The Anti-prom one is funny purely due to its tortured Dawson quota but it is still essentially annoying. I would love this TV show so much better without Dawson. Or maybe his extreme doucheness makes everyone else look so much better.




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