Film review: Eragon

6 11 2007

We just rented the blu-ray version of Eragon. This movie didn’t set anything on fire when it was released but this was probably as much to day with fantasy-fatigue following the LoTR trilogy as it was to do with the quality of the film making. Having said that, I still wasn’t blown away by Eragon. I am not exactly sure what it lacked. Despite an excellent turn by Jeremy Irons as the former dragon rider, the film failed to really draw me in which meant that I was not ultimately bothered what happened. Now I am usually pretty easy to please, but I just didn’t get into this tale of good and evil, dragons against baddie, magic and destiny. I did notice that the soundtrack was particularly unremarkable which just goes to show how important music is for building tension, setting the scene and drawing on the emotions of the viewer. I also think that Rachel Weisz and her ghastly mid-atlantic voicing of the dragon, Saphira, was hopelessly miscast.

The weak lead and the CGI dragon were given far too much screen time at the expense of other characters that could have been interesting but were scarcely featured such as John Malkovich’s fairly menacing Galbatorix and Sienna Guillory’s Ayra. Robert Carlyle’s Durza was suitably sinister but again not featured enough. It must be said that the visual effects were pretty excellent, especially the animation of Saphira. It is very easy to be blasé about these effects but if you compare this to previous dragon films, this creature is very much more lifelike. On a superficial level, I enjoyed this film but I won’t be rushing out to buy the DVD. If you haven’t seen it, only watch it if you have a spare couple of hours and can’t be bothered to do the ironing. Alternatively, you could just watch this instead:



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