Movie Special

22 09 2007

Stranger than Fiction 

We watched Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrell recently and I LOVED it. It was good to see Will Ferrell doing a straight role – he still brought humour but without the slapstick or usual Will style that I love but would have not been suited to this film.  The premise was original, whacky and fascinating.  Emma Thompson was fantastic as the blocked writer who doesn’t realise that the character she is writing about is real and living (played by Will Ferrell).  The way the film was shot, the script, the acting – it was all excellent.

Tristan + Isolde

Passionate, tragic, and entertaining but essentially forgettable.  James Franco did a better job of a dark ages hero than I thought he would and the forbidden love with the very beautiful Sophia Myles was convincing.  It was a diverting watch but that is all.

The Guardian

Ashton Kutcher learns how to be an ace rescue swimmer, taught by the predicatbly reluctant Kevin Costner.  This was by-the -numbers but I still really enjoyed it because I do love a bit of formula action.  Ashton was charming as Fischer and made the character more likeable than he should be on paper.  Kevin Costner did his thing as the stubborn, previously awesome but now past-it swimmer struggling to cope with the death of this rescue team, the break-up of his marriage and the deterioration of his own body through age.  This film broke no new ground but that is just fine by me.

Ghost Rider

Yes it is silly.  Yes the wig is bad.  Yes there is no chemistry between Cage and Mendes.  But I am a Cage devotee and I still managed to dig it (mostly).   As a comic translated to the screen, it was faithful.  Comics nowadays have to be slick, cool, sexy, moody, gothic.  But comics are also fun, funny, silly and full of adventure and tricks.  Ghost Rider was all of the things and not in the slightest slick, sexy, moody or gothic.  Batman it aint, but fun?  Why not.



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