17 07 2007

I watched the first episode of Dirt last night and dug it.  I thought Courtney Cox’s portrayal of a ruthless magazine was spot on and all the more intriguing given Cox’s own brushes with the paparazzi and trashy magazines.  It was bold, quirky and took no prisoners.  I am struggling to see how I will be able to relate to Lucy, Cox’x character.  I am hoping that she was develop into having more sides to her than the uber-ambitious super-bitch.  It is not that I have anything against a strong woman in a position of power but it is not someone I would like to spend time with.  When I watch programmes, it is like I am hanging out with the characters so I end up only really enjoying shows which have likeable people who do not infuriate constantly, no matter how entertaining or interesting that may be for other people.

It is for this very reason that I am not really enjoying the part of Season 2 of Angel that I am watching now (I think I have just remembered why I have not seen is that much).  Angel has fired his scoobies and is acting like a total jerk on a mission.  I like my Angel brooding yet lovable.  Not acting like a self-righteous prick.  I must perservere because the episodes are actually pretty exciting.  I was watching last night and ended up FFing through the many Wolfram and Hart scenes – much as I like a bit of Lindsay and Lilah, scene after scene of their scheming and machinataions is a bit dull.  But let’s be clear on something.  I still LOVE Angel.  The man and the show.



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