11 07 2007

We watched the first episode of Dexter last night.  WOW.  I really wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it but it was superb.  By day, the eponymous protagonist, Dexter (played by Michael C Hall), works for Miami PD as a forensic investigator.  By night (and basically when he isn’t at the cop shop), he is a vigilante serial killer, going after the sickos in society that the police can’t catch.  It sounds bizarre.  It IS bizarre.  But it is also really interesting.

Complex television characters are harder to come by these days so it is fascinating to get inside the head of someone who has a warped morality, a total lack of interest in human interaction yet is able to channel this violence and depravity into something that is almost (almost) acceptable.  Last night, his two victims were a paedophile/murderer and a rapist/murderer/snuff film maker.  Not the type of people we want on this earth.  And yet the ritualistic killing of these monsters is uncomfortable to contemplate.

Dexter’s speciality is blood.  He reads blood splatters.  He can read the story that the blood tells.  And behind the charade of his polite smiles, sharing of donuts and caring attitude, he lacks something inside that means he is not a part of society – he doesn’t understand the rules, the ritual.  He only understands his ritual.

With some illuminating flashbacks to his foster dad.  He was a great cop who saw that his foster son was different.  Fearing that his sons violent tendencies would turn to people, he taught him to channel his energy to catching the bad guys.  He taught him how to catch them and how to avoid detection himself.

Other interesting characters include Dexter’s foster sister, Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) and his girlfriend, Rita (played by Julie Benz of Buffy/Angel fame).  Debra has a lot of heart.  Also a cop but stuck in Vice, she has ambititions to move into Homicide and Dexter is a great source of encouragement and support for her.  In return, in Dexter’s own words, she is the only person in the world who loves him, now that their foster parents are both dead.  Rita is the perfect girl for Dexter.  Traumatised by a sexually violent ex-boyfriend, she is not interested in sex which suits the asexual Dexter.

This show will NOT be for everyone but I am really interested to see how the next episode plays out.  It is nice to watch something really different for a change that makes you think and leaves you with a strange feeling of enjoyment mixed with discomfort.  Keeps a TV junkie like me on my toes.



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11 07 2007
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