Things I watched this weekend…

9 07 2007

Unusually for me, this weekend has been rather on the light side due to having actual things to do. I watched:

  • Big Brother on Friday (naturally) although my brother and I chatted through it so I watched it again with my husband on Saturday. Laura was evicted. I was glad.

  • Mean Girls. It was fetch.
  • NCIS. Mmmm Michael Weatherley.
  • Alias Season 3 Episodes 12, 13 and 14 (Crossings, After Six and Blowback). Heart rending and emotional, a bit silly at times and with an intensely irritating character (Lauren AKA Cowbag). God I love Alias.
  • British Grand Prix. I do NOT really like F1 and I did not watch the whole thing but I foundmyself strangely compelled to watch near-identical cars whizzing round a race track.
  • About 5 minutes of Urban Legend when I got back to the hotel from the Justin Timerblake concert last night. The five minutes was long enough to establish that a) they had killed off Josh Jackson and b) the film sucked ass (which I would have surmised anyway – see point a).

It actually looks like a lot of TV considering I have been pretty busy!



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