One night of TV

1 11 2006

7.31pm Arrive home
7.33pm Turn on TV, Sky + box and go into kitchen to make tea.
7.36pm Settle down in front of TV with nachos from microwave and a bottle of red wine. I am nothing if not classy.
7.37pm Select That 70s Show. Watch 3 episodes:

“Thank You”
Original U.S. Air date: December 3, 2002

It’s Thanksgiving, and with everyone at dinner, including Kitty’s mom and dad, Eric thinks it’s a perfect time to announce his engagement to Donna.

My favourite moment: When Donna is so excited about being engaged she tells Eric that despite it being a secret, she couldn’t help but tell the pretzel vendor. Aw.

“Black Dog”
Original U.S. Air date: December 10, 2002 at 8:00

When Jackie’s dad is sent to prison, she’s heartbroken when Hyde has no comforting words for her. Kelso’s having trouble accepting the fact that Hyde and Jackie are together. And Fez finds romance at the DMV.

My favourite moment: When Hyde shaves to cheer up Jackie … so cute

Original U.S. Air date: October 26, 1999.

Shocking secrets are revealed when the kids find their permanent records during a Halloween visit to their old elementary school. Red and Kitty remember Halloween, 1957, the night Kitty finds out she’s pregnant.

My favourite moment: Finding out Jackie’s middle name is Beulah.


8.49pm Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I do love that man. So brilliant.
9.14pm Watch The Notebook.
11.05pm Watch Stealth. I know! Pretty bad, but I can’t help liking Josh Lucas. Such pretty blue eyes. I really want to have Sweet Home Alabama in my chickflick collection.
1.30pm Go to bed



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