We’re all alright!

14 10 2006

I am back watching That 70s Show which is on two channels twice daily so I get four episodes a day to watch. Season 1 is cute because Eric and Donna are still just getting together and all the actors look so young and fresh-faced. The writing is not quite up to speed yet though so it’s not that funny all the time. Season 4 is funnier and is the only season (except for the last after Topher left) where Donna and Eric are not together. It also has Luke Wilson playing Kelso’s older brother who Donna dates. The Wilson brothers are dreamy. It’s weird because they aren’t actually that good looking so it just goes to show how a cool attitude and a sexy voice can take you far. It’s what makes Hyde appealing because, frankly, without his sunglasses, he looks a bit weird.




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