Apologies for the pause in transmission

10 10 2006

Life has rather rudely got in the way of my Alias watching so I have unfortunately not been able to watch any more than the pilot up to now.  I am aware that I want to give it my full attention and a hell of a lot of my TV watching is done whilst I do other things (housework, coursework, eating, surfing the ‘net etc etc).  I have however been keeping myself occupied on a much more casual basis with the following:

Jane Eyre  Its been yonks since I have watched a BBC dramatisation and I am so glad I remembered to set this up on Sky Plus.. I watched three episodes in a row last night and I am hooked!  Shamefully, I have never read the book (something I aim to recitfy as soon as I have finished reading the two books I have on the go at the moment Emma by Jane Austen and The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde) so I do not know the story (well, I kind of know what happens but not the particulars).  Also the girl playing Jane is pretty good and Toby Stevens’s Mr Rochester is very watchable. 

 jane_rochester_1.jpg     courtesy of bbc.co.uk

That 70s Show  For some reason Trouble seems to find it impossible to show these episodes in order so I have been watching mainly the last season along with some other random season (maybe 3 or 4?) interspersed.  I am not convinced the show is actually as funny without Topher Grace and also, dare I say it, Ashton Kutcher.  Its watchable and all, but not side-splitting by any means.  I will carry on with though as its great filler for when you need 30 mins of laughter.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  We watched this when we were over in the States and thought it was great.  Again its a good filler because its not that long.  Its great satire and Jon Stewart is just hilarious.  I wish I could say something more insightful but I am all out of insight.  Also he had Dave Gorman on, a British comedian who I love.

Extras  Ricky Gervais is brilliant.  I wasn’t that sure of the first season of Extras… I think after The Office expectations were too high and it didn’t really gel for me.  This new series, however, is just so good.   So far we have had brilliant cameos from Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, and a host of famous faces from British TV.  It still has that cringe-factor which makes you hide behind you hands (like when he kneed a dwarf (midget? little person??? oh shit I am trying not to say the wrong thing here so apologies if I offend…) in the head and knocks them out. 

Tonight I aim to watch episode 2 of Alias (and perhaps do the ironing at the same time).



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