Shut up, Stupin

23 09 2006

For the first time, I listened to the DVD commentary on Coming Home (Episode 4.01 of DC). I thought that despite the poor show of DVD extras, I should at least make use of the scant extras what were provided and somehow ignore how very irritating Paul Stupin’s voice is. In fact, his voice is so irritating it has made me switch off other commentaries I had started for other episodes simply because I could not stomach them. Now I have listened to it through, I have come to the following conclusion. Paul Stupin is an ass. He is as irritating, if not more so, than his voice. He also is completely deluded. His most heinous misrepresentations of the season and the series as a whole were:

  • Josh Jackson’s new hair was a mistake. The shorn look is a vast improvement on the mahoosive hair thing that he has going on for some of the series so how Stupin can moan about letting JJ make the cut is beyond me. I just don’t understand how anyone can think it looks bad.
  • Season 4 is about Dawson and Joey – I don’t really see how this is. The season is about Joey and Pacey with Dawson’s naff romance with Gretchen most defintely in the background.
  • They handled the break-up between Pacey and Joey ‘sensitively’ and ‘realistically’. This is a crock of shit, I’m afraid. In fact, Stupin did himself no favours because whilst talking about this, he slipped by revealing how the split was something that the network had ordered so the writers had to shoe-horn it into the story and the only way they chose to do it was by re-writing the personalities of the character(s) involved. They had actually given themselves plenty of ways for Pacey to get sick of Joey by writing her to be such a complete bitch but they chose to ignore those reasons and plow in with some other shit. Anyway, I could talk all day about this….
  • AJ and Joey’s first scene was a ‘cute meet’. It was stupid. And made AJ look like a total jerk who we just don’t care about.
  • The ‘Perfect Storm’ episode (Two Gentlemen of Capeside) was cleverly made.  It looks ass.  I completely appreciate that they are on a very tight budget – so why bother?  At no time does the audience actually think that Pacey and Jen are going to drown so why contrive this dramatic storyline just so they can get Dawson and Pacey talking again.

Something I would love is to get hold of the pictures that Dawson took during the summer (and this season too actually) because there are some beautiful pictures of the cast.  I wonder if I could find them…

And what is wrong with this hair??!!  (I promise this is the last JJ picture for at least a week!).





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