The longest DVD

21 09 2006

I am still watching Season 3 of DC and last night, despite watching these episode several times (albeit not in full) now, it still got me when Pacey looks at Joey plaintively and utters “Its over isn’t it” and a big fat tear rolls down his cheek.  I was choked up.  Tears threaten to fall – AGAIN.  I am also newly flabbergasted at the following:

  • Dawson’s proprietory behaviour.  Erm, Dawson?  You do NOT own Joey.  She can do what she likes with who she likes. 
  • Andie who equates Pacey kissing Joey months after he and Andie have split up with her shagging Loony Mark whilst her and Pacey were still together…I just don’t get that.  At all.
  • Aunt Gwen and her meddlesome ways… she knows that Pacey and Joey like each other and yet she forcefully shoves a reunion with Joey under Dawson’s nose.  Like, none of your beeswax, bitch! 
  • The entire episode The Longest Day.  I cannot tell you how annoying I find how almost all of the characters behave in this episode.  Only Pacey seems to be reasonable and he ends up getting shafted. 

I can see me watching these through to the end of the series again which means nothing new to write about on here which sucks.  I will just have to make some insightful fresh comments or start watching something else to supplement my DC viewing!  I love this pic of the cast in the series finale:


The hubs has just bought the Band of Brothers DVDs and I started watching them with him.  Now I am all for a bit of wartime action but while I was watching, I could not escape the feeling that I was missing a perfect opportunity to watch more Dawson’s Creek.  Which made me feel hella shallow but hey… 

The new series of Extras started last week, which a hilarious performance by Orlando Bloom.  The next episode is on tonight, with David Bowie.  I have just downloaded the Ricky Gervais podcast which will be good viewing for my commute.



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