Iron will

14 09 2006

I am so proud of myself!  I have managed to go for 2 whole days without Dawsons Creek.  TV watching in general has been kept to a minimum (strictly during tea-time only).

The fact that I have not started my OU assignment due in tomorrow is neither here nor there.  At least I can’t blame it on my beloved television.

Of course I can’t go completely cold turkey so I there has been *some* reading of fan forums.  And *some* reading of fanfics.  And *some* reading of recaps.  But still.  No actual Dawsons, on TV.  So I feel that in this case, the internet is my methodone.

Now I see it written down it doesn’t seem much of an achievement actually.  Oh well, who gives a crap?




One response

17 09 2006

Damn. You sound like me. I obsess over Dawson’s Creek as well. My fave.s are Jack and Jen.

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