Er how can I put this politely…

11 09 2006

I made the mistake of lending Season 2 of Alias to my MIL a while ago (and it has been QUITE a while) and she has yet to watch even the first episode.  I finally summoned up the courage to ask how she is getting on with them, hoping it will prompt her to watch them and give them the hell back.   She did offer to return them unwatched but the problem is that I am torn.  I want to have them back so I can watch them (especially since I am now at a TV loose end) but I also want to share the Alias-love.  I really want her to watch them and get into the programme but I also want her to do it quick-smart.

I will give her until I have re-watched Season 1 and then I will have to get tough.  I need me some Vartan-time. 




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