All good things must come to an end

9 09 2006

Well I wasn’t wrong – there were tears a-plenty in the series finale, both on-screen and off. I actually felt emotionally drained at the end. Jen’s death was handled so well and I loved her character so much, it made it that much more difficult and emotional to watch. And I cannot express how grateful I am that Joey and Pacey end up together – their relationship was the only one with real chemistry and was always totally believable (well at least believable when they were together – it was a total stretch each time the writers crudely contrived to split them up).

So that’s it. All six seasons done and dusted. All that’s left is to catch up on the TWoP recaps (because no matter how sad things got on the show, those damn recaps still have me snorting drink out of my nose or giggling at inopportune times, like at work. When I am meant to be working. Not reading DC recaps.).

The funny thing is that I have a total pattern when it comes to watching whole series like this – ie one after the other in quick succession. As soon as I have finished watching the final episode, I immediately want to watch it again from the beginning, with the intention of watching every scene (knowing I skipped on the first watching) and then when I do get to it, I realise I am really very sad indeed because I end up just watching the shipper moments and that’s all. However to really be able to achieve this, I need to be alone because it’s bad enough that my husband knows I watch this crap, but for him to see me obsess over a make-believe relationship is just too embarrassing. Let’s face it, I am just one step away from writing fanfiction here people.

So here’s to you, Dawson’s Creek. Thanks for everything. Especially you, Pacey. I am going to miss you most of all, Josh!

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