Tearfest 2006

8 09 2006

I am not ashamed to say that I cried several times watching DC last night.  Everything has got a bit more serious as we are nearing the series end.  This is what made me cry:

  • Joey leaving Pacey at the semi-formal.  I watched this episode in its entirety this time and it is just so sad.  When I first saw it, I just thought it was bad writing because there is no way that Joey just doesn’t feel ‘it’ with Pacey.  Now I think she was just confused by Eddie returning and thinking that if she didn’t try it will him, she would always wonder.  But it was this bit that really set me off:

Pacey:  Don’t tell me that you’re not scared, because I know that you are. I mean, I’ve known you too long and seen you push away too many good things to let you push me away right now. My whole life, Joey, my whole life you have been the most beautiful thing in my orbit. And my feelings for you were what proved to me that I could be great. And those feelings were stronger and were wiser and more persistent and more resilient than anything else about me…  When I was afraid of everything, I was never afraid to love you, and I could love you again. I could.

  • Grams telling Jen she has breast cancer.  Michelle Williams nailed this scene and in fact all the scenes she played after this. 
  • Grams telling Jen that she is not ready to die (by now I am actually crying proper, not just sniffling or wiping away the odd stray tear)
  • Jen explaining to CJ why she broke up with him and then getting back together with him:

Jen: She’s sick. My Grams is sick. And she has been keeping it from me, and it’s the reason that she broke up with your uncle Bill, and–and I don’t know what else she’s been keeping from me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t know anything about anything, and so I had a freak-out, one freak-out. Is that ok?
CJ: Yes. Yeah. Take as many as you need.

  • Jack’s face when he learns Grams has cancer.  Kerr Smith actually manages to convey worry/concern and also hurt at being left out of the loop.

Jack: Jen, you just– you gotta realize that, you know, you and Grams are pretty much all the family that I’ve got.

  • Pacey telling Dawson that he lost all his money and his realisation that their friendship is over
  • Pacey and Joey talking on the pier after the above…

Joey: Ok. You know, and no matter how much I love you or how long I stay with you, you’re only gonna remember the moments when I leave.
Pacey: Well, you gotta give me that much, because those are pretty much the most painful moments in my life.

Only 3 more episodes to go… better get some more tissues…



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