Ciao Bello, Josh

7 09 2006

Until yesterday, I have been in Italy since Friday and so have been without TV for five days.  It is probably exactly what I needed because I was getting just a little bit obsessed with the whole Pacey and Joey storyline in Season 6 of DC.  In fact, even being in this beautiful Alpine village, I am still mulling it over in my mind.  And I must admit I was more than just a little bit excited about getting back so that I can watch Season 6 properly, which I started last night!  I was doing so well – I had watched nearly the whole of Season 5 without skipping anything but I just found it impossible not to skip to the Jacey bits meaning I missed the vast majority of the last season – a season I have never actually seen.  Still now that I have got that (nearly) out of my system, I started watching it again last night and have got back to the part when Eddie returns so I have to watch again poor Pacey get his heart ripped out , which is not that fun to be honest. 

I have had to start thinking ahead to my next TV project because, lets face it, I only have 5 hours (or 7 episodes) of DC left to watch so except for rewatching my favourite bits, I must make a plan!!!   I am thinking, Angel.  I bought the first season but didnt get round to watching it all and have since lent it out to friends.  So I think that is the perfect place to start since I already have the DVDs – I just need to get them back from friends.  We also have some Family Guys DVDs we still haven’t watched and also the first season of Scrubs, which we borrowed from the same friends that borrowed Angel.  Add to that all the That 70s Show episode to catch up on, I am quite sure I wont have to worry too much about filling my Dawson void. 

One last thing…  Alias Season 5 countdown: 75 days!



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