Another Monday, another season

22 08 2006

I am 8 episodes into Season 5 and I am enjoying this a lot more than I had dare to hope!  Even Dawson has had moments where he isn’t total jerk.  I am enjoying the fact that Jen and Dawson have just ‘done it’ (but do not appreciate the fact that there had to be Dawson- nakedness).  I am also enjoying ‘getting to know’ Audrey (YES, I know it’s a fictional character) – she is hilarious.  Pacey has his own thing going on, which whilst is a bit dull, means that he is at least still on the show.  I shall be thankful for that.  And its nice to see him away from the triangle drama.  Joey left Dawson a drunken message, which is always nightmare, and utters:

Drunk people should have the right to neutralise their own messages.

I whole-heartedly agree, Joey, but as I learned at 16 years old, this is not possible.  I am not a fan of Karen so I am hoping that this story will go away soon.  I am looking forward to seeing Audrey and Pacey fall for each other because whilst I am a resolute Jacey shipper (for want for a better, less juvenile phrase), until they are ready to reunite, I am happy to see what happens with A and P.




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