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21 08 2006

5 beautiful words which mean that I can be watching Season 5 tomorrow night if I am lucky! 

ETA – its arrived…. and hubbie has overtime to do… I make that Dawson’s O’Clock… 

I have finished season 4 of Dawson’s Creek and it was predictably upsetting but I have to say that it was not as bad as I feared.  As I have previously menioned, the way things turned out was enough for me to boycott the entire series first time around.  However I hate to sound as if I think these characters are real people but Joey and Pacey so cannot be together right now – he needs to make something of himself so that he has some self-respect.  I could barely watch the prom break-up scene.  It’s just excrutiating and so badly written.  I was just as frustrated watching this inexplicable turn of events as I was the first time but at this time I had the comfort on knowing how things turned out in the long-run.  However the break-up itself wasn’t the problem for me – I think that the characters both needed to sort themselves out in order to be able to eventually live happily ever after with each other.  The problem was the crap reason that Pacey (well, the writers) gave. 

ETA: There is a kick-ass quote I want to use by Sars from TWoP which perfectly voices my frustrations but I have emailed to ask for permission – will post it if/when she replies. 

But the last few episodes of the season had a lot more going for them than I remembered.  So I am eager to start on unchartered waters… two new never before seen seasons…  it is wrong how much I am looking forward to this!




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