11 08 2006

I am FINALLY on Season 3.  OK, I say finally as if its a long time (when it was actually only 4 days) but Season 2 felt like a long haul of crap at times.  I really liked the Pacey/Andie storyline and there were some great moments but as a whole, seeing Joey and Dawson together made me gag.  A lot.  I did fast-forward through a lot of the scenes, admittedly.  But I just see that as prolonging the enjoyment of the DVDs as if there is ever a rainy day when I don’t have anything to watch (it might happen!), I can re-watch these DVDs in full.

I think Season 3 is my favourite so I am trying not to skip anything but I just cant help FF-ing any scene that contains Eve.  It perturbs me to see Jessica Wakefield as a slut.  Sweet Valley High (the books and the TV show) was great when I was a kid and to see that all-American girl as a ho is just wrong.  Plus she annoys the hell out of me.  Plus pretty much all her scenes are with Dawson, which is reason enough to skip them.  Final plus – she went out with Joshua Jackson after he dated Katie Holmes – and that gives me the skeeves.  So I like to pretend that she doesn’t exist… is that alright??

So on to my top 5 favourite scenes from Season 3 so far (given that I am only on Episode 2):

  1. Dawson rejecting Joey’s (attempted) sexual advances.  My god, this scene has me behind a cushion everytime.  “I can  be sexual too, Dawson” EUW.  Put it away, Joey and save it for a real man, why dontcha?  And Dawson?  You’re a loser.
  2. Pacey comforts Joey on the dock.  They have so much chemistry.  It makes me go SQUEEEEE like a 16 year old (which, lets face it, is the intended audience.  Not married 30 year old.  Don’t tell me to get a life.).
  3. Andie tells Pacey that she was unfaithful and begs for forgiveness.  This scene is just heartbreaking.  She babbles on for ages with the reason why she did it before actually saying what she has done and Pacey just simply asks “You slept with him?” and it literally breaks my heart.  Considering this is ‘just’ a teen show, Joshua Jackson acts his arse off.  Nearly every episode.  Why hasn’t he had more work?  Or maybe I just haven’t seen it.  *off to IMDB to see what I need to watch*
  4. Jen’s Head Cheerleader Smackdown.  Just class.  This is also followed by cute scenes between Jack and Jen – my favourite friendship on the show – with her all embarrassed and horrified to be made head cheerleader.
  5. Pacey and Dawson fight.  Pacey is drunk + Dawson is a tool = FIGHT!  Well an iddy-biddy one, but two punches thrown – great stuff.  Also I love that Joey runs to Pacey’s aid instead of Dawson…. do you see Dawson?… you fucked up.  You pushed her into Pacey’s arms.  Well I am getting a little ahead of myself, but it started here.  Dawson?  Take note, pal.

Tomorrow, my husband is off to play golf so I will have the TV to myself for a few hours.  Bliss!  I know I have other things to do, but I can multitask!  Plus I might be able to catch up on the week of That 70s Show that I haven’t had chance to watch, along with Freddie and anything else I have recorded.

Now if only this day would hurry up and end already.  I am so not in the mood to work.



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28 08 2006

You American TV show addict!

Although some of it I don’t recognize, so maybe it isn’t all American? Or maybe you just watch more American shows than I do! 😉

29 08 2006

Hee! That’s me! My TV watching is not usually restricted to American TV but everything I have written about so far has been, I think. 🙂

3 03 2009

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