Ding dong the witch is dead

10 08 2006

Abby Morgan RIP!

My personal trainer had to be rescheduled so instead of being active and shit like that, I ended up sitting on my ass all evening with my DC DVDs!  I have even been neglecting my That 70s Show duties – I’ve said it before and I will say it again – thank god for Sky +!

Quick summary:

  • Joey draws a naked (yummy) Jack and he got all excited when he started to describe his one and only sexual encounter in terms of various art works.. like, whatever!  You give me a 16 yr old boy who would do this and I will give you one MILLION dollars
  • There is a whole episode where we are lead to believe that Joey and Jack do it, and Dawson and Jen do it, and Pacey and Andie do it.  In fact, its only the latter.
  • Pacey gets good marks at school then gets suspended for standing up to an evil teacher
  • The boys go fishing and Pacey’s dad needs to be shot for being such a dick
  • The girls bond
  • Jack finally comes out – I could talk a lot about this.  I could say that whilst it is handles somewhat sensitively, it is completely unrealistic.  But I just don’t want to get into this now.
  • Dawson gets drunk and sings the blues.  In public.  On my tv.  My ears, MY EARS.
  • And of course Abby dies.  Silly cow.



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