Last night on Dawson’s Creek…

9 08 2006

I managed to get through another couple of DC episodes in which the following occurred:

  • A wasted Jen nearly had a threesome with some sleazy high-school guys until Dawson fireman-carried her away
  • Pacey was a bit of a dude by sorting out poor Mrs McFee who was shopping in her undies
  • Joey and Jack have a kind-of date which pisses Dawson off royally (hee! – even though I know their relationship is going nowhere its still funny!)
  • Abby plays dirty (surprised anyone?) during the oh-so-dull school elections
  • Andie starts to unravel and goes back on her meds
  • Mr and Mrs Leery are over – for now at least (BORING)
  • Jen and Dawson go skinny dipping but despite a rather excrutiating attempted-kiss by Dawson, they remain just friends… sensible Jen.

I also enjoyed a couple of episode of Everybody Hates Chris which is easy-watching – and awww that little dude that plays Young Chris is ker-yoooooote.  I love his mum and her various threats of violence… last nights favourites:

  • Tonya: Mom, where’s Chris?
    Rochelle: His bike got stolen. I told him not to let anybody ride it. So I smacked him into next week. He’ll be back on Tuesday.
  • Rochelle (to Julius): Pick this crap up before I slap the shine off your head!

and from the pilot another taster:

  • Chris(narrating): That’s my mother, Rochelle. She had a hundred recipes for whippin’ ass!
    Rochelle: Boy, I will slap the caps off yo knees!
    Rochelle: I will knock you into last night.
    Rochelle: I will slap yo name out the phone book, and call Ma Bell and tell her I did it!

I am also getting into Freddie, which I discovered yesterday has been cancelled – booooo, ABC monkeys (well after what you did to Alias, why I am surprised??).  Yeah, so what if its just Joey with different actors and a few more women-family … I like me a bit of comedy-lite and its good to see FPJ AKA Mr Buffy doing something other than Scooby Doo.  Also its good to see Brian Austin Green in something other than 90210 – he was an old favourite of mine.  I am sure he has been in stuff since, I just haven’t watched it. 

Remember this is a sanctuary for ALL the teevee I watch – it doesn’t have to be good for me to enjoy it.  I am a TV slut.




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