I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over, etc. etc. …

8 08 2006

My idea of a perfect Monday evening:  comfy pyjamas bottoms, white wine, and Dawson’s Creek DVDs a-plenty!  I managed to get through 5 or 6 episodes which is not bad going – and did involve some effeff-ing through the boring bits (Gale and Mitch? Split up already.  Then remarry already.  Then have another baby already.  Then die already. I don’t care about you.).  The lameness of Dawson’s and Joey’s “relationship” is only just made up for by the sweet Andy/Pacey storyline which I can tolerate as I know Pacey ends up with Joey.  But whilst she is off with dumbass Dawson and soon-to-be gay Jack, at least Pacey is turning on the charm with Andy.  There is even one last illicit-teacher-lovin action when TaMAHra (trademark Sars) returns for a couple of episodes. 

I can tolerate all this madness because I know I have the joy that is Season 3 to come!




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23 01 2008

i love the song it is so awesome

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