Woot! My jiffy bags have arrived!!

6 08 2006

What a way to kick off my blog dedicated to my love of teevee!  This morning I received my order of Dawson’s Creek Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD.  Any doubt about how my Monday night would be spent has now been eradicated!  My loving husband will be spared the first Dawson’s onslaught as he is playing football, so while he is burning the calories, I will be kicking back with my good friends Dawson (well not him, he’s a pain), Joey (well we have an on-off relationship… she really needs to just stick with Pacey to be like-able), Pacey (dreeeeamy), Jen and the gang. 

As I noted in my other blog, my renewed love of this show began in May, when we visited Wilmington during our two-week mini tour of the States.  I then watched the whole of Season One while my husband was away working one weekend and I am hooked again.  What is funny is that watching it now, eight or so years on, I feel completely differently about the characters (well except Pacey who I always loved!).  I used to be rooting for Joey and Dawson to get together even though they had zero chemistry (as I can see now!) and I always hated Jen but she is one of my favourites now!  Just goes to show how your perspective changes as you  get older!  Now I am 30, I really ought to be leaving these teen shows behind but I just find them so compelling, I am not ready to do that just yet!




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